Not fair war!

Hey guys…



How come we have Turkish team against us!


They have 47 players with more than 400k


And they wasn’t in same league! 


That’s not fair! Last war we were with Red Squadron!


Islamic heroes

Aba sohaib


I have taken screenshoot for all Allainces was in the league of God before the war start…

And the Turkish team not there… so how come they are against us?!

I need explain…

last time same happened to u ? did u faced red squad were they in same league u were or no >?

do you want to wake up and do things right? we are tired of paying for your incapacity. what matchmaking is this? how do you do the matchmaking with your feet or did a drunken monkey do it? @CaptainMorgan waiting for an answer and that is a serious answer, and do not like your usual that you run away like a child when you do not like the questions you are asked. Do you realize the squalor or not? Do you think we should be in this crap for months until the system stabilizes itself? Do you want to get back on the ground and realize that version 4.0 is an abortion? a spoiled product? or do you want to pretend it’s all right?



We dont even hv opponent alliance in war

Titan revenge

@Samir The Alliance is in the same League as you. Alliances in Red were demoted, Alliances in Green were promoted when the War began, it was updated before the War began, and that is why they are not on your screenshots. The Turkish Alliance is actually a lower rank than yours.

Within your league it is entirely random which Alliance you face off against. If you defend hard and win a lot of VP you can still get Torches out of this War, in this Season you will never fight the same Alliance again, someone else will. There is no matchmaking algorithm other than “in the same League”. If you are in a League you need to be able to keep up with the other Alliances in that League, or you will be demoted at the start of the next Season, then your Wars will all be easier. This is standard in a League system, matching one Alliance purposefully against weaker ones would be unfair and work against the system. 

good @CaptainMorgan, continue to make junk, not to admit mistakes and refuse to give answers, a really mature behavior

@CaptainMorgan we have the same problem in our alliance Eleusis of Nemesis, we aren’t AT ALL in the map in this DUEL!

The war ended again when it started in my alliance TOP OF HEROES, if you are not capable of doing things right Morgan, don’t give the promise, keep silent please. I’m tired of excited, expecting, disappointed cycle, frankly I’m totally not interested in that 200gems compensation, it made feel sick , like I was a beggar. Please don’t do that again to me, thanks a lot. @CaptainMorgan

My alliance hasn’t encountered this bug, but simply apologizing and saying it’ll be fixed for the next war does NOTHING to help those poor alliances who are without war yet again.  Very sad result from FG.

Something is wrong, one screen shows almost 10k points I’ve contributed (which is true), the other one shows zero points.

Also there’s no information (countdown) when to start next attack. The second opponent island is still flashing, but after clicking the attack button, I receive a message telling me there are no more attacks left…

we have this same error now too.  ALong with a couple other errors.  

I am very close to refuting charges with my credit card company and Apple as I paid for a product that is clearly defective.

Since I wrote my last message, we have encountered several war bugs which I’ve posted in the war bug megathread.  This is getting really silly now.  Sooooo many weeks now with problems during war.  The whole reason I play the rest of the week is to get my account better for war.  And now we have continuous problems every week.  And the only response from Flare is to either say ‘sorry’ and cancel war, or say ‘sorry but continue on anyway’.  And perhaps we get a pathetic 250 gems compensation.  I don’t care about gems!  I want a war that works properly.  Honestly, how long are people supposed to put up with this before they stop and just move on to another game?  I’m very close.  I thought this week would be different.  I love this game when it’s working properly, but I’m wondering more and more every day if it’s ever going to work properly again.  

@CaptainMorgan Please atleast send our war heroes back to olympus. They are sitting in war map for 2 days without doing anything. If u send them back to olympus, we can atleast make some resource production for building our defences. Thank u.

%-Johnny Cage-%  from  Titans Revenge.

At least people here have opponent,map and all. Since many War I don’t have nothing. No opponent,no map,nothing. Just some notification about my alliance are eliminated or cannot join for lack of opponent. Where is the fun in War when we cannot do War? So we must wait again next week to have maybe a War who work?

Can we have please for all the mess since 3 or 4 war. I want 10 titan chest. 12 godlike chest and 2000 gems for all the lose.

For me and The Griffin shield. Can i have a compensation like a extra 5000 gems for morales disturbing. I have lose twice all my members because of all this shit. I have a feeling I will lose again for a 3rd time all my members. Can I have in total :

15 titan chest + 20 Godlike + 7000 Gems for all the mess around. Thank you

that was for morales compensation, mess with war compensation and others stuffs like the day when I have lose 1 Millions + for blessing with some interest and taxes

Edit : Nevermind after a while the War have restart and all work fine for now

Aside from everything else that was mentioned… all of my USED fury was REPLENISHED.  If this happened to my team, it must have happened to our opponents who, lucky for them, were able to already put up over 100k points worth and now they probably have replenished fury levels.

War spoils totals seem to have reset AGAIN.  ?