Not fair war!

everything seem work but war spoils have resetted and now I am at 0. I was at 2,800. Not cool :slightly_frowning_face:

Cool for the one who didn’t know this. do all your strike to gain 2 or 3 chests and wait. The War spoils will reset at 0 you return in the game and you are full of fury. Do them to gain again 2 or 3 chests. I have got 6 chest from now and repeat. do your strike, wait, war spoils reset, do it again and so on…to gain chest

my points have reset 3 times now.  I got as high as 10,000 on the spoils meter.  Everytime I attack I just get the same beginning chest over an over.  My total is not growing.  So I will not get the Titan or Godlike chests this war like I normally do. I should have around 15k war points now, but according to the Spoils of War bar, I only have 3k.  Ridiculous.


Oh, and I haven’t had my fury reset, but I sure my opponents have, they are going on one heck of a run right now…

Same problem here with reseted war spoils…

At least we can fight for cummulated VP, for as it is now, it is still working and adding up…

But still, not really in the mood for reciving the first three chests over and over again…oh wait: not reciving, just some non-existing ghost boxes…


I have the same problem

Due to the miscounting of points I don’t receive any more reward chests. Also I cannot start a new attack. First attack started more than 8hrs ago!


Just sad I don’t have 3 heroes to abuse of this bugs and gain 20 chest and over. I think its really a cool bugs for once. Full of fury, you attack gain 3 chest, wait, after 2 hours full of fury attack gain 3 chest and so on… I am now at 9 chests plus my 4 cursed titan chest.

probably same this bugs will not compensate for all titan and godlike missed in previous War but at least I think you can gain a lots of gems and stuffs with just the first chest. Hope so.

Hi @CaptainMorgan

Is there any quick fix for this issue? You can run a server maintenance for the same or JUST PAY COMPENSATIONS (A Cursed Titan chest + 500 gems) BEFORE HAND and stop this STUPID BUGGED WAR before it gets too tragic… The bugs that occur in OR under your Supervision are more painful than a breakup… sad to say… We’re fed up… Please GIVE US THE COMPENSATION and stop being sorry, since it is VERY clear that fixing the bugs is not going to be done in the possible near future. In last 2 months, FG has asked more sorries.

We’re okay, if the game completely stops or works really well, but U guys give us something in between… Please return everybody their hard earned money back to their cards…

PS: Stop paying us 200 gems… Its equivalent to nothing with the amount of gems each upgrade requires… UNFAIR FG and OR.


what's up? it's been weeks since the war is due to your technical problems. finally yesterday starts again and we are still full of problems? does not score the scores, does not update the boot bar and therefore does not release the loot. so? we've put a lot of money back from our pocket to keep up the defenses, for the blessings and to keep the prestige !! cabbage, do you realize that? It would be very fair of you to compensate us for at least 1,000 gems a week each because that's what every player on average spends on wars. and, since you blew the war for two weeks, we spend 2,000 each. if you do not do at least this, in addition to repairing technical problems as soon as possible, I think there will be a lot of defections from the players

Finally I got with the bugs 15 chest. that have give me 100 gems,dominance,gold,etc… Not bad. what I wanted full of greens and blue items for forge

However I got a weird bug the alliance I have face apparently have won 2 strike against me same if I have like 10k ahead. I don’t care much will not change anything just make me lose like around 6 more chest with 16 hours left

Hope like CaptainMorgan have said in Official Announcement that the next one will be fixed and finaly work.Cross the finger