not for closing dungeons

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This may start with the fact that the last updates were even a knee-punch for all players (600-3500 medals). The complete enclosure of the dungeons was a total absurdity. And who helped it? You came up with the idea that players with low levels have a harder time because they are not able to win the league by players who make medals through dungeons. Which is the truth. Okay, you’re right. But, Do you think that closing the dungeon helped? Yes? What you did totally messed up all the work you had you have been doing so far !! The change you thought was the perfect solution turned out to be total stupidity … Someone needs to think about how your analysts and managers can not :slight_smile:

Now the league looks like, congratulate

Hi there :slight_smile: ,

Thanks for sharing. This is, however, no bug, therefore I am locking this thread.

There is already a topic about the Dungen open, you can add your thoughts there as well.

Regarding the language:

Unfortunately,  the developer team and I only speak English (next to our mother tongue) and most of the fans on here as well. In order to share your suggestions with each other and amongst our team English is the best option. Please understand. ?Thank you!