Not getting any response in Bug & Problem section

Many of us still are unable to play since new update, me and many others are crashing before we even see our castle. It’s been over a week since update and last time we heard anything was last week from anyone. I myself have lost over a weeks worth of daily gems not to mention no upgrades at all going. Our post in Bug section is 3 pages and still no closer to a resolution to this issue. I implore RR2 staff to get this resolved or you guys will lose us as many others have left since this update. Sorry for being long winded but we are frustrated.

I belong to those players and I’m really sad, that there is still no solution for this Problem. Please flaregames do anything!

Have you tried reporting directly via support channel ?

Hey there,

I keep an eye on the issues and forward them as well.

I don’t always have time to answer in all topics unfortunately, but be assured we handle it.

Also for more personal issues, such as losing currency/items, it is better contacting the support as only them can have a deeper look into your issue. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles.

I understand Aether, yes I have sent a support ticket as well. Thank you