not getting my video offrs to reduce time for past 2 days

i am not getting video offers for past two days. Due to which free chests are not opening. And upgrades are taking more time. Plz help

my IGN IS- Hulk_vivek

be patient vungle ads don’t work 24/24 sometimes that works when its not necessary and don’t work when you’ve needed

by example few days ago I can watch only 5 video and vungle ads stop working and lucky they are back again. Depending of the moment sometime you can wait just few days and they come back,sometime few week and never come back and so on

You never know how much video you can watch and how long you can have them. Just use them when needed

My ads don’t work for over a month… Flare pls…

they usually suggest you delete and reinstall the game while connected to a LAN rather than WIFI to ensure all files fully download, try that