Not getting offers anymore

I am no longer able to collect free chests or get offer-related discounts or boosts.  This has been happening for other players as well.  I only see the no offers available message.  This has been happening for several days now.

Well, I guess this is a good time to stop playing then.  It’s not worth logging in without these offers…

I wonder how I managed to play for nearly a year without a single offer available if not having any for a few days is reason enough to quit the game.

This has started happening to me a few days ago on my Win10 machine.  Deleting the VungleSDK folder from this directory


has fixed it for me each time it’s happened.  If this keeps up, I’ll probably just update my RR2 batch script to delete this dir every time I boot the app…

@JiggleFizziks, you must have a lot more time to play than I do then.  Those chests are vital to making my daily donation during the week. 

Thanks, @SHaase that fixed the issue.

You’d be surprised how little I actually play(ed). :stuck_out_tongue:

But the point I was making was that there are far more frustrating issues with the game than lack of ads. Though I’ll admit those video chests help, especially when you can’t/don’t want to bother with finding players to get gold from efficiently (I sure don’t).

game over