Not getting reward from time sessative chests

I watch the video for the chest and at the it kicks me out of the app and I do not get the chest.  I have tried 3 times and not received the chest.

Hello Viper,

Could you please let us know your ingame name, which device and OS version do you use?

Also, did you try to clear the cache of the app?

I am on an iOS 9.3.2 iPad. I have not cleared the cache.

Кvicons galaxy s5 android 5.0

Cash no cleaning

KillBush, iphone 5s, ios 9.3.2, Lithuania

cache not cleared

watched video now, no chest deliwered?

It’s been since the update that I’ve got this issue too.

My IGN is Allbrecht, playing on a Samsung Note 3 Neo with android 5.1.1 and game version 2.5.0


Hello there, 

Did you connect to a WLAN connection for a few minutes? 

It might be needed to download additional packages for  the videos. 

ID larrydalaw 


not only reward missed , there r at least 10 times of game crashed down after watching the video