Not getting the correct rewards from the PL Tier

I got around 290th in this PL which would give me 2 Pro Chests and 1300 Crystals. But that’s all I got from this PL! I should’ve received 2 more chests (maybe just one, but my score was 1301 in this PL and in the tiers it said that I got 2 chests and around 1500 crystals)! I got 3 chests overall, including the monthly PL. So, please fix this bug and give me my chests back

AwesomestKnightest, I see your problem, I think the best thing for you to do is to submit a ticket to flaregames support here:

Good Luck!!

Rank doesn’t matter, it’s all about the score. You get 2 chests for scoring 1301, that’s correct. Don’t know about the crystals. So everything is correct. 2 chests for scoring 1301 and one chest from the monthly leaderboard, if you finished below 100, which I’m sure you did. So it’s 3 in total

Like Domi said. If you got 3 chests, that’s prety normal, so what’s the fuss about ? You can check your last PL rank and monthly rank  ( even now), if it says you were suposed to get 2 chests from last PL and 1 chest from montly rank, what makes 3 in total , and you say you got them, what’s the problem ? Unless of course you were supposed to get more based on your scores and you got less, then contact the support team as clever you already suggested. And thank you for another useless topic <3

So are the Pro Tier rewards combined with the Weekly Leaderboard rewards? If not, then it IS a bug! From the weekly leaderboard I received 1300 crystals and 2 chests from placing 290th or so in this PL. In the Pro Tiers my rewards were 1500 crystals or something (I know it was at least 1500) and at least 1 chest (even though I think it was two. I may be mistaken)

Leaderboard rewards are tier rewards. 

Do you know you can still check your tier rewards? Can’t you just upload some pics to make it clear? 

And as many members have already stated tier rewards and leaderboard rewards are same thing. What is there to get confused? 

Here is my rewards,  my rank is greater then yours and i also  got 1300 crystals and 2 pro chests 

yeah, I have that, but I don’t have a picture of my tier unfortunately