Not Getting Video Boosts again

Boost videos stopped working again.
Need boosts during Festivals and Ninja…

On a Windows 10 PC fully patched with latest game update.

Not getting any video ads here also since this morning. This evening for the gem sale all I get is “reconnecting”. I am on a PC with the latest update and already tried deleting the “LocalState” folder several times.

This is creating a clear disadvantage for me in order to do any boosts, upgrades, purchases, etc. especially during the current events.

same for me and my fiance…windows laptop users…but mobile users are able to get the videos. something needs to be done so we can boost and compete :frowning:

Video on PC and Windows phone deisappeared

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Even here, wsreset and throwing away vunglesdk folder is no longer helping.

no video boosts for me or my fiance either…and we are windows laptop users. BUT…mobile users are able to get the videos :frowning:

definitely need the boosts for farms and taverns with pl, ninja and festival all going on at the same time.

I’m not getting video ads on Windows laptop too.
On Android the videos are working fine.

Hey guys, sorry to hear that :frowning: Please contact our customer service to report about these issues.
They will happily look into this for you.
Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences you may experience.

(Please keep this in mind):

Here we have a problem
Oh sorry to hear go to hell and ask someone who will answer in a few weeks🤣

Good job


We have not changed anything with how our video ads should work, so it is best for the customer service to have a look into the individual player’s accounts or may relate them even further to the provider.
Thanks for your understanding.

Madlen may be need to take a critical posts and do something with your customer service?

I also have no advertising. Four members of my union have the same problem. Windows 10

Madlen, the videos are not working on Windows PC. This is not a per player issue but a platform issue, so why should any player contact CS, nothing they can do.

What should we expect from contacting CS? A response in 4 weeks (if at all) telling us, that there is nothing they can do? Please open a ticket in your internal bug tracker that a dev is aware of the problem so he can have a look at it. That’s why we post in the forum, that’s what we hope for …


Maybe just delete the topic from the forum? That seems to be the best way to handle problems these days


Technical problem and exploit problem are two very different thing and should be handled very differently… Madlen has just done her job correctly by deleting the post about exploit (eventhough a bit late), if you were refering to that post deletion.
But this video problem should be handled as quickly as possible. My educated guess would be an add provider issue for window user

Another problem. Went to buy my monthly gem package and was greeted with this. Don’t think this and image trying to get to gem packages above are advertiser related.

Here I read (section before you get started) that Vungle it’s current Windows version is compatible with Redstone 5, version from last year October. If I remember well, the GDPA fix for Europe dates from longer ago. So since is said nothing has been changed, that might be the actual reason.

Sometimes as developer you have to adapt code to stay compatible with newer versions. Some code will be marked as obsolete, meaning you need to adapt code, since when a newer release is brought out, that code could no longer be supported.

It’s suspicious that for Windows PC specific it’s not working. Is it that hard to test? Sorry, don’t want to be hard or blaming someone, but as developer myself I have seen these kind of problems many times.

All bug topics in the forum are always forwarded for evaluation by the team. I am just the messenger :rr2ninja:
We will keep an eye on the situation. For now, we cannot detect anything unusual internally. If I have any other information I can share, I will do so. Thanks for reaching out. We appreciate the reports.

And when developers test Vungle on Windows PC, nothing is going wrong and videos are displayed? Can we be informed what regional settings they use and which decimal separator is used?

I threw away the VungleSDK folder, ran wsreset to wipe out all history and even then no videos appear. A method that always has been working.

Can this scenario be tested?

I will test if it has to do with regional settings, will change them to German and US-English. Maybe @thomas239 can check with fiddler again if the JSON string send to vungle is correct or not.

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Sorry Folks, way over my head…