Not honest, umbeliveable war

To fight against war blessings if your alliance do not have such is alwsys difficult. But to fight in semi god liga agains alliance with war blessings from god liga is absolutly impossible. Our team had work thete hard to recieve what we have now, that we are in the top of semi god liga. And what now? Only becouse of fault of developers and not honest fight from allianse vallhala we must lost evrything what we had reached? Not evrybody have gems to fight again this blessings from god liga, and even gems can not help in this situation. So i ask Madlen and all developers reacted to this and return to our alliance al that we lost:tourchers and gems. Or just deleate this war. I do not know what you decide but the war at such liga must be honest. We are fighting to go to god liga and please return evrything to a honest position. And allianse which play not honest must be kick out from a curent liga and war. Please do something, we all waiting a reaction of developers. Return evrything to a honest position.

Madlen why here is no reaction from your side? Or you think this is a normal situation to lost a war becouse one of alliance have a blessings which they can not have in this liga. How do you plan to decide this situation?

Hi Barin,

We will fix the issue asap. We know it is not ideal and frustrating and try our best to fix it asap!

I have locked this thread, because you have opened a thread about this topic already. Please continue the discussion here:

Thank you!