not much gold around

It s been a couple of weeks that whenever I try to raid I get mostly players with 10k-20k and very rarely players with over 100k.

Any idea why this is happening? (my account name is SUPER MEGATHEO if it helps answering my question)


Good thing FG has the double raid gold and free chest with promo ads feature…pheeeewww!!!

because of the new system. Since 3.8.0 the gold is more horrible than before and also the fact RR2 is in a dead state. so if everyone by example at 1000-2000 trophy don’t do anything and don’t do their raids. So no gold.

I am tempting to say its because RR2 is too much dead at low and medium trophy range than the chance to find gold is not there. I am at 1550 and since I am at 1000 over 3 month. I got only 20k,30k and best case scenario 80k. I see 400k one time on 300 raids

Nothing Flare can do about this. Its just RR2 is too much dead and only at trophy 2000+ you can find decent gold because they are more actives there. So until we reach 2000 we will get 10k-90k max

Well, also keep in mind that you are a low level player @megatheo. Not a lot of low level players will have a lot of gold, cause either they don’t have high level taverns, or they just don’t attack often. Just be patient, you’re bound to get a good match sometime

yep. In higher levels, 4200 and higher, it’s usual find 200k gold, even 800k

I’m in the 3000 trophy range and my usual attack screen will show an opponent with 100k-300k at the least. On some occasions, yes, I’ll get some really low numbers. 

In 5000 trophy range you get 900k gold raids average. With bonuses I usually end up getting between 1.5 and 1.8 million gold. During events usually gold dries up after 5-10 raids, but during normal times it’s pretty unlimited.

Yeah, it’s perfectly normal to get low amounts of gold when you’re at your level. As you move up you get more gold. Motivation!

Yes, I guess u r all right. 

How about FG enters something like a betting feature once in a while, something like an event that occurs 1-2 times per month and lasts for several days.

How about FG creates a character like a Joker that comes and challenges you to bet gold if you think you can successfully raid his fortress. Depending on the difficulty that u ll choose he ll give u 25% back, 50%, 100%…maybe 10 times more!!! (or maybe put in a special item too as a reward if you get the highest difficulty). It d be fun if the background of the fortress looks like a casino

What level are you? I’m guessing around 30 or 40 with 1000 trophies. Just work your way up and you’ll earn more and more gold :grinning: . The amount of gold you get right now should be enough to tide you over until the ads are put back in the game

Work your way up isn’t an answer because you need gold for that. The same gold that you can’t obtain because you have the audacity to be a low level player.

Rewards of 20k shouldn’t even happen at all, if a player isn’t loaded enough then the game should cough up some 100k to make it worthwhile. It’s obvious low levels won’t be rich, they’re doing what they can to upgrade, while high levels sit on tons of gold they can’t spend. This broken-ass gold system has to go.

I d LOVE to see a little bit of gambling in RR2 just to make things interesting.

Suppose after a succesful raid FG presents u with a new castle to attack and says if you win you get (for example) 200k gold, and if you lose you lose 200k gold. If you win that, then it presents you with a tougher castle and says if you win you get even more gold (for example) 300k gold, and if you lose you lose 300k gold, and so on.

If you click on “new enemy” the bet is off and you play normally.

…that d be an exciting way to gain gold :slight_smile:


Ahh, but what if that enemy has Chuck Norris defending, that would be disastrous, losing you the hard fought gold   

Nope, you will take Chuck Norris down on terrain that’s not in favor of him. Fortunately Bruce Lee is in my army?‍??‍??‍??‍??‍?, so he wins. Like deserts or plain ground with lots of troops. 

One major problem of this conquest is that players can’t gather a lot of gold. Only during wars (hope your team wins or you need to travel a lot once again) you can gain some gold, but I only have seen 90k- gold rewards so far. So that’s not very promising.

Tried to do a normal raid during cool down time after moving. Guess what? first 10 players that I found with gold are all online ?‍♂️. Guess why? Yep, you got it, just because everyone is forced to login every 1-2 hours. Then they read alliance chat, stay online for a while and nobody can raid them. After i lost counting, I finally found someone being offline. That person probably was asleep.

Gold should be added to this conquest. During war raids, 3-5 times more gold should be rewarded, to make sure a minimum of 250-300k is given per raid. At least then it’s worth raiding. Also for discovering special tiles first gold should be given. Last but not least, where are the rewards (chests) for total scored skulls per player? Instead of putting skulls inside a chest of cof, I would give there three descent rewards, without facing a laughing skull. enough options to improve gold situation.

At the moment I can just do my daily donation, upgrading any tower or defensive structure (11M- 15M required) is just impossible during this conquest.

In that case, when you lose to a castle that Chuck Norris defends…u will lose not just your gold and trophies…but also your gems, your mortgage, your life’s savings, your car and your pet.

         (U read my Chuck Norris topic…didn t u???)

Please put gambling in RR2!!! …it d be soooooooooooo COOL!!!

Gambling would indeed be an interesting feature, but I’m having trouble finding how it would fit into the RR2 theme

if people want gambling stuffs they just need to play Poker game or Casino machines slots. its not that who miss in app store

There s always somebody who takes the topic of discussion too far…and drives the whole discussion completely out of context…this time it s  U…WarriorNator!!!

Anyway, If u have a problem with the word " gambling ", then think of it as a bonus reward for being a skillfull raider!!! The tougher the castle u raid, the more gold u ll get as a bonus!! (similar to the way u get trophies - tougher castles reward more trophies)

I think it s a MUCH better idea than the current system which vastly depends on how much gold the player of the castle u raid left inside.

Skillful and strategic raiders get gold fast, and evolve fast, while all others will have to work on their game to keep up

…sounds fair to me

Honestly, although I love RR2, I have to admit that the lack of gold in raids make me play the game MUCH less because I m too bored to keep tapping on the new player button on the attack screen.

On the other hand, in Olympus Rising the fixed amount of gold u get in raids (which depends entirely on your trophy ranking) takes all the excitement out of the game and makes it repetitive…and boring

Well @megatheo, in a way, @Warriornator is right. I mean, we don’t need another feature that won’t fit into the game. What I mean by this, of course, is that the Conquest, even though it is fun looking and a very interesting concept, just doesn’t fit into the game. It’s basically a board game. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t saying that the Conquest is crappy, cause it’s not (it does have its fair share of flaws but those will be fixed soon). The point is, we don’t need another feature in the game that doesn’t fit with the Medieval theme of RR2

No one ever said that conquest mode is bad, we only complained about the cooldowns and the lack of explanatory videos…and ok it s not the most exciting thing in the world either ?

All I m asking is that FG awards BONUS gold to raids based on raid difficulty, and make the gold system similar to the trophy system ( the tougher the player u raid the more BONUS gold u r rewarded alongside the gold the castle has inside)

This way gold is earned based on how capable u r to raid successfully castles above your level (thus demonstrating your player skill) and not just if u r lucky enough to find someone who forgot tons of gold in the castle

…see AwesomestKnightest and Warriornator??? …no gambling-based at all …just skill…and the concept is perfectly in line with RR2 theme…besides I think the gems I gave to upgrade my Stronghold were wasted because honestly I dont feel like playing conquest mode at all. What would REALLY make me spend gems is to go for a tough castle that would award me 1M gold Bonus.

 I d spend  A LOT of gems in scrolls and revives!!!..oh yes I would!!!

Now go tell FG to implement it !!!..because I cant stand the sight of 10k castles anymore…it s ridiculous. Whenever I get 5-6 castles of 10k-20k in a row I just log off. My upgrades our mainly financed from the gold I get from promo chests. 

RR2 is all about raiding …and raiding for 10k and 20k isnt worth it. FG unless u fix plain raiding to mean something, u ll get more and more dissatisfied players like me, and introducing new events wont make much difference.

I certainly won’t complain if this is added into the game, cause it’s sounds kinda fun, but I just don’t see it as the type of thing that flare would add in