NOT official / copy/pasted from Warriornator for visibility:[New] List collection- ideas & feature requests

[I have copy/pasted this list from Warriornator. This list is not official nor is anything on this list confirmed or denied by officials. I have just/copy pasted it for visibility. ).

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Update of the list

(July 2018)


  • Melt Button (added in 3.8.0)

  • Fuse Items

  • Unequip scrolls

  • More Advanced customization : More hairstyle,colors of items,more detailed customization of the Hero ( a little more was added in 3.8.0 but its not really huge)

  • Possibility to spend pro crystal to upgrade Uber items in Pro items

  • Possibility to use Range Weapon : Bow,Crossbow,Ninja Stars,etc…

  • Add a Equip All buttons for items :



  • A option to turn On/Off animation like Dragon or Pyromancer Fire attack or anything else ( For limited device)

  • Better destruction of the Gate. More interaction with the gate

  • Add a rpg style in raid. Like a % of drop for enemy and Beast to find items,Uber Items,gold,Food,voucher,etc…

  • Preset A,B,C,D,E for troops,spells and scrolls (added in new update 3.9.0)

  • Preset to change stuffs during Matchmaker  (Added in new update 3.9.0)

  • Increase the number of Favorite list at 50

  • Option to put Pal On/OFF

  • Better overview of the map : Add a mini map or make the top bar more detailed : defense tower location,enemy, etc…

  • Better overview of the battle logs : Where the hero is dead show a green dot. Where the player use scrolls white dot on your defense map,etc…My idea from Olympus Rising

  • No more bully allowed : Change the 3 attack per hour by 3 attack max at least by 6 hours. to change 72 attack on the same player per day by 6 attacks per day

  • Change colors of Ogres,Werewolf,Monk and Mummy : totally a mess to try to know who is who



  • Fix the Gold issues in the game :

  • Ninja Event interaction. Open chest on the ground :



  • Collective button for Foods and Gold (added in new update 3.9.0)

  • New landscape (added in 3.8.0 with the Pro landscape)

  • Better way to use worker. For extra Gold,reduce time for building,etc…

  • Overview of the forge list

  • Better COF design. Like able to open 3 chest on 6 each raid. Maybe with key systems. 1 crown = 1 key. You can open them all for a cost of gems

  • Pal Hut : A place where you can see all your pals and feed them,buy pals foods,etc.

  • Up Treasury Chamber at 20M or 30M :

  • Improve the Angle View :


  • Waves Realign :



  • Better Matchmaking

  • Total rebuild of the Wars style Risk : (added in 4.0.0 with Conquest Mode)


  • New trap (Mines,Cages)

  • Lightning Tower add a 4 Charge

  • New design for Arrow Tower. totally useless

  • Electric Fence Tower : you need 2 of them to create a electric barrier

  • Preset A,B and C

  • Upgrades inventory towers and forge inventory towers :



  • Able to Send and give gift to a friend (Abuse of multi account)

  • New interface for troops and forge

  • Market (Will hurt Flare income)

  • New elements : Dark and Light

  • Global Chat

  • More color for sets

  • New Quests for gems and voucher

  • Better Bar for the pets

  • Better camera angle for IOS,iphone,Android and Windows Phone

  • Video to reduce forge cooldown

  • Resistance in Lightning in Armor or Pauldron or anything else

  • Make Medal and Farmer work in dungeon

  • Video ads for reduce digging time

  • Better background overview in Hero Stats

  • Tag @ someone in the chat 

 - Keep chat text for 24-48 hours

  • Up the rewards in quest : 5 vouchers or 5 gems or quest at 20 gems like 50,000 X units or spells is ridiculous. Up this number like Olympus Rising at 100,200 and 500 gems

  • When you forge a items the pearls number should up each time your forge : By example you receive a Uber items at 40 pearls you forge it at +50 the number of pearls value should be at 200+ after the forge. Like +3 pearls by forge (Added with Server update)

  • Improvement in the chat. Add more line :


  • New quests, New rewards :

  • Up the number of Attack History. Up 20 to 50


  • Better donation cooldown at the same time like Daily Chest

  • New criteria for Leader and General

  • Overview of a player info

  • Tracking Alliance Gold Donation

  • Add the name of the one who spend Alliance Gold for Elite Boost

  • Make the sentence more longer and keep all the sentence writing in the chat for 24 hours to allow everyone to read it

  • Add info on time connection of the player for better tracking activity. By example : Connected 2 minutes ago or 5 days ago. Useful for leader (added in version 3.9.0)

(Windows User)

  • Support for Gamepad (too much complex for developer)

  • Able to customize keyboard shortcut (too much complex for developer)


  • Fix crash in dungeon

  • Fix Blacksmith melt bugs


  • Buff the damage for Hammerstrike (Version 3.7.0 with level 21)

  • Maybe new spells can be welcome (Version 3.7.0 add Pal Flute)

  • Fog Spells :

  • Black Hole :



  • New balance and maybe new redesign for Paladin (added in 3.8.0 with Pro Boost : Unholy Paladin)

  • New balance for Froster. Remove Resistance and add Range forge

  • New units like Druid or Demon (Version 3.7.0 add Viking)

  • If its possible in this game to add a second attack for troops

  • a Thunder Units unlockable via Dungeon

  • a feature to allow to tell to the troops ‘‘Hold ON’’ to follow the king and ‘‘Free’’ for let’s the troops do what they want. In others word a feature who allow to give order to the troops


  • New Towers (Version 3.7.0 Basilisk Tower)


  • add a function to reset Pal treats. Like for 50 gems you reset all your Pal treats and can redistribuate on others pal

  • Add Weakness/Resistance for Phoebe Beast :



  • Add their Flag nationality :


  • Add feature to help new players and low players to help them to involve fast in the game. Like Auto Gold Shield or Reduce maybe the time needed for upgrade,etc…


Some suggestion I have make


Black = Not in game

Orange = in game now with server update or version update

Red = Really wanted feature by the community of players or topic who come often like 5,10,15 times

Purple = to forgotten. Flare will not do it

Please don’t post further ideas beneath this thread (they will get deleted). This thread is solely for the community to update this tracker list. Thank you! :heart:

I dont think this should be marked as “Orange” (ingame):

  • - Preset A,B,C,D,E for troops,spells and scrolls (added in new update 3.9.0)

The presets (A, B, C, D…) are only working for items, not for Spells/Units/Scrolls

I have just copy/pasted from Warriornator. But will correct it.

Nevermind its true A,B,C,D in matchmaking its for items only. Never have try. So my bad. I was sure its was for change Spells and Units. I don’t remember where I have read this.i have no clue why there is a preset A,B,C,D there if that was not for change spells and units. I just remember why I never have use this. Its useless

Its possible this can have some error in it. So if some of you find them. Madlen can correct it



No worries! Btw thanks for the hard work! Lovely overview. Keep them coming.

Can I try organizing this into a table on Google sheets or something, and can you post a link to it at the top of the post? Would make it easier to read on a phone

I am sorry, but the information should remain within the forum :slightly_frowning_face:

Easy solution. Make a table, screenshot, upload the screenshot?

If the screenshot can be zoomed in it would be cool, but then also you would be the owner of the spreadsheet and it would be harder to implement changes.

@QuantumApocalypse Sorry, I am not trying to discourage you, I would love to have a better structure in this, but the main conditions are it needs to be within the technical possibilities of the forum and it needs to be in the forum, so we can manage it. Thanks for your understanding. If you come up with a cool idea within that frame, I would love to hear it!

Thanks Madlen, I had no idea this was copy-pasted.

I don’t find the feature useless at all Warriornator!

It’s cool to switch between Normal set, War Set, XP set and gold set (used my own sets as an example, but others may use it differently)

Yeah, totally agree! The sets are very useful and save you tons of time! I have a normal set, skull gear, speed set, and just a test set (where I test out new items and have fun with them lol)

They could even take it further and make sets for spells and troops. That would make my life a lot easier changing between combos.

Please don’t post suggestions in this thread. :grinning:

May I ask what the color-code in the list is? Some are red, some are orange …

@Warriornator did this list, but I believe he put the code at the end of the list. Also, I have only copy / pasted it. With me posting this thread again, so the community can track it means not that I officially have approved the correctness of the colour coding (especially the red ones…)

This is what it means Orko:


I’d suggest linking topics as text links, instead of embedding (it takes forever to load everything) but suggestions are forbidden. :slightly_frowning_face: (it’s fine if you delete it, Madlen, as long as you read it and consider it first :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, FYI, I’ve made some suggestion list topics long ago, you might be interested in looking through it, if it’s still there #ShamelessPlug. :stuck_out_tongue: (I gotta find it as well, to see what’s been implemented maybe or what needs bringing up again)