NOT official / copy/pasted from Warriornator for visibility:[New] List collection- ideas & feature requests

I would like to change the stage of conquest every time

Especially the stage in the middle wants change.
Yggdrasill, the desert, and something else.

I liked the desert.

Kingdom map

Please make one lovely dress for the Queen.

Classical Lolita fashion design is good. 

Do not worry if complaints come from the king.
Because I know that they have a granny scarf.

I have a good idea for making Celestial Phoebe Beast stablize. 

Please consider it…


Hi hi,

Thanks for your suggestions! Please remember that this post is only a collection of ideas where a user put hard work into it to collect it for making an overview. If you have new ideas, please open a new thread and do not post them here :slight_smile:

Please add a translation button in alliance chat ?