Not recieving the prizes I scored in war with skulls

  1. I did not receive the chests from war season which I had scored with those skulls participating in the Alliance war (Berserk Battles)

  2. I had participated in the war season. Normally according to experienced players I am supposed to receive the chests straight away, unless I have a bug.

  3. According to other experienced players I am supposed to receive the chests straight away which contain the prizes I score with war skulls.

  4. I did not receive any chest during war and after the war, which is a technical bug according to experienced users.

  5. I am using windows app installed on my windows 10 computer.

  6. My device is a powerful Windows 10 gamers PC.

  7. In Game name: MohamedIII. I fought for Hobbyexperten alliance.

  8. I had scored about 25000 skulls in the alliance war. I did not took a screenshot cause I was thinking I will receive my prizes after war. But the experienced users have told me you are supposed to receive the chests straight away.

  9. I do not have crash logs, or do not know if I have crash logs. The game never crashed or even lagged as far as I remember.

Now I ask you to give me the prizes I had scored. As I am a new player I do want to play this. But if I waste my time in wars and never receiving anything which I was supposed to the fun playing this game will end soon.

You scored 25k skulls during war, so I expect that you see a red screen first and start to raid from there. That’s a condition to do a war raid. Strange that you don’t get war chests.

When you go to the war screen, there is a screen where you can see war chests you already received (the ones with a green V sign) and the ones you still can win.

Please do the following during next war season. First check the chests you already have. Then do some war raids and check which chests you have won. Then recheck your inventory. When there are chests that expire in 13 days and 23 hours, those are the chests that should represent the ones you won.

There is no screen that shows you that you won some war chests (similar to the screen after conquest or ninja event), those chests are immediately added to your chest storage. When they aren’t there, you have a bug. Otherwise you received them.

Anything I can do to see them now?

(similar to the screen after conquest or ninja event)

Now that you mention this. Since this Ninja event is going on now. Will I get the prizes after event or straight after each battle?

During ninja and conquest you get them after the event has ended. During war season, you receive a chest directly after you reached the milestone.

It is directly added to your chest inventory.

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you may be able to view the war prizes you’ve won… click on your alliance logo on the right hand side of the game screen, right below daily free chests and above friends icon… go to second last tab “war season history”, open it and select war details land then click on rewards…

Now, for me it’s greyed out, because I had to leave the alliance after the war due to some issues… but yours should be working fine… check the rewards you should have won and remember if you have opened any such chests during the war… if you are positive that you didnt win any chests whatsoever, it’s a technical issue…

you get Ninjas rewards after (as well as during) the event… you get uber chest from special ships right away… there are maybe 3-4 uber chests in the ninjas event, every second special ship… but the other normal chests, you’ll receive them after the event is over…

These uber chests, you get right away…

If you complete every island and every ship with 100%, you should get the mentioned prizes (in my case, 11 rare chests, 4500 pearls and 5x lvl 6 ninjas) after the event is over… if you dont complete all the levels and have played only few levels, then you will get the prizes accordingly (in my case, 1875 pearls, 3 rare chests, and 2x lvl 6 ninjas)… these chests you will receive after the the completion of event, NOT immediately during the event…

That button is actually grayed out for everyone after the season is over

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umn… i didnt know that… thanks for the info… i thought it was greyed out only for me… in that case, no one can check the score and chests they secured…

Now this could be a suggestion to RR2 devs… a new improvising… we should be able to see our scores, that way we can even see which players participated and which player did not… being a general, it’s important to know such things, in order to track players’ progress and help…

Hi @never,
Please contact customer support, if you are missing chests.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
You can reach out to them here (English, please):
Have a good day.