Not sure what should I do.

There was a time when to fix a reported bug took months to be fixed, talking about past problems. Yet a hole list of bugs were fixed apparently with the new version of 3.8.1. fairly fast. Great news!!!. Done the manual download as advised , and start the happy riding. Well the first crush on the 2nd ride…happens .Only lost 50+ trophies not that it matters that much. Start again .First success whew .Encouraged  by my success tried 1 more. Soon I realized that I’m not taking screen shoots but my game had frozen again and …crushed. 2-0 for Flare -110 trophies for me. It doesn’t matter because I can make them back right? Full of optimism I restart my Galaxy S7 edge chasing back what I lost.2 new rides 26 trophies for me the PLAN WAS WORKING. . Problem identified : RESTARTING THE PHONE. Starting the 3rd ride .20 trophies on my screen let’s go for it. OPPS the hero is stuck everything is frozen. GUYS IS NOT THE CLIMATE CHANGE  my game crushed again. another 50+.The long story short I  only lost 400 trophies trying to enjoy the game while traveling to work. My question to Flare is : Should I try to get under 1000 trophies or to delete the game which once wanted to do so,so badly?