Not the best Food system

Hi jona, its a good update only problam is that there are not too much video in the food system, and many times we stack with no offers, so if u dont have 3-7 days gold shield there is no way to save 7 milion to upgrade tower, any way you gone change this food system? Thx

We are still working on aquiring new partners for the food for video system. We know that some regions are offered more videos than others and are working on implementing a more even distribution for the future.


The old system had to be replaced since Facebook changed its technical infrastructure.


As of right now, I don’t think a new food system will be implemeted in the near future.





yesterday and today NO free food. why!

Jona it is not only a regional based problem.


I am Italian and I chatted with another Italian IOS 8 players who has no issues.


Also, all issues started when I upgraded to IOS 8. Since then, even when the free food works, I raid without effects (like screams, bombs, explosions etc) and I can only hear the music.


I have reported this issue several times on getsatisfaction but no one replied.




Is it possible that you watch the Fyber videos a lot to get free gems? Watching these videos and using the food for video function can have an impact on each other. There might be more videos available in one function if you use the other one less.

When can we expect this Free food feature for Windows 8?


No, I almost never watch video for free gems but I have noticed that when free food videos are available then also free gems video do


Windows does not support the necessary functions to implement such a feature at the moment. We know this is a mayor annoyance for Windows users but there is no easy solution to this issue at the moment or else we would have implemented it already.



The easiest solution is to either reduce the food needed to attack for windows users or increase the food producing/storing capacity with more levels of food/silo or even more farms. The former should be the way to go as it requires just some nerfing and wont imbalance the game much.

I Hope there is a solution as soon as possible. Thanks to admin

as I have been plagued by impatience  sometimes I just have to stop playing and fill up my grainery and then wait for farms to max out. then hunt for large paying victims and then put shield until I get what I need

Desihero’s idea is good.


This will work, and I don’t think anyone will be against this.

Yeah. How about 1 Food per Unit used in the raid. The current food system isn’t really feeding the Units, it’s killing the Players.

its a uneven play ground and while i still enjoy the game id like to suggest leveling the field if even a little. i know when i first started i was rather annoyed at others getting a bounses that i couldnt and almost quit. please do find a balance for people with less resolve to compete in this game :slight_smile:

Huh? I did’nt eve know the videos we can watch were limited lol.

They are certainly limited. Although I knew some areas have fewer videos, historically North America was pretty good in terms of ads, if Tapjoy is an example. However, today I see no videos available for over an hour, which was certainly unexpected, and I only watched one or two videos today.

3 days without receiving a single food video offer from tapjoy.

Mid-last week (2 days after release of 1.4) I was discussing whether Fyber videos and the food videos draw from the same pool. At that time, I watched over 30 Fyber videos in a row to see how many were available - I quit at 32 or so with no end in sight and still plenty of videos available for food.

Tonight I watched 4 videos for food and 0 Fyber videos and now have no videos available. Reside in the Eastern US.


Last week I also had endless video offers and I live in Brazil (You were right at the other topic  :slight_smile:

used to have around 10 i guess now im down to like 5 videos per day!!! wtf??? please fix this… @11th son 1 food per attack? please suggest things that actually make sense