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Dont say that Wobbly, I have been long time friends with then, and even when I was…well…a jumper a long time ago and they have been so nice to me and have been very patient (for jumping) but months later they broke but I dont blame them, you know me right wobbly people hate because of what I did but they dont because they were my friends, most of them are except the leader(had some issues between us) so I disagree with your…should I say statement? I dont even know XD

No, we had an agreement with their general, kiranmyageri. We fulfilled our end of the bargain, and instead of honoring our agreement, they attacked us. This notice is completely justified.

Just because they tolerated your jumping (probably because they were “broke”) does not mean that they have honor, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were truly your friends.

Gossip! Please tell us more of what happend! What was the deal? What was your end of the bargain? What was theirs?

They are the only 60 person alliance on our map, so no one was attacking them. The deal was that if we attacked them, and allowed them to get more skulls, they were supposed to attack our most likely competitor for second place. Basically, we attack them so that they get extra skulls, and they help us get second place.

We attacked them, holding up our part of the bargain. They then attacked us. We helped them, and they spit in our face.

trust no one it seems

It’s war. Dont trust anybody at war. :wink:

At least now we know they are untrustable

I suppose I’ve let this incident get to me. At least I can relish in the fact that none of our Generals would ever do something this deceitful (and we have many generals).

Just as I was starting to lose a little faith in humanity, I remembered that I’m part of an awesome team.

Then I randomly saw this and it just made my day. Enjoy



Hilarious in light of your current sig.

haha i enjoyed that…he should stick to the bongos

Someone pls show this to some intense members XD

I do not want to get involved with another alliance fight (yes; I have been involved with several already - and the last one was the worst). Anyways, lemme tell you one thing: 80+% of the iNtEnSe people are not worth your time. Not that they are bad people; but they have very little to do with the workings of the alliance as a whole(BTW there are, er, were about 90 members of iNtEnSe. I might have had some involvement of their having less members now; but let that pass.) But anyways, there are a few people you can trust: Teh Kenster, MommaBear, and Darkerion.


Most of their generals can be trusted but I wouldn’t trust my life, or the victory of a war season, on any of them. Also, there are plenty of miscommunications in alliances of that size, and having had plenty of first-hand experience with that alliance both through the main alliance and through its boot camp – as well as through three different accounts (One was my brother’s; the other two were mine - one of which I never announced as mine - except on Facebook), it is safe for me to say that I don’t believe that this was any doing of Teh Kenster’s; as well as that there have been several miscommunications in their alliance - and TeH Kenster is not always the who declares war.

hey there, sorry for what happened, was certainly a miscommunication. I have been less active in the game recently and elected more generals to try and make up for it. this is our first war on our new system and is a trial run. you are the guinea pig. sorry again for being so blunt :stuck_out_tongue:

if I could ask anything of you it would to be to apologize to Kiran, he certainly did not mean for this to happen

Typical Kenny… :confused:

Resuming the situation…

You made a deal with Kiran, but another General declared war before reading his message about the deal. Sorry.

We didn’t mean to deceive your alliance, and didn’t have any reason to, because attacking yours or the other alliance would bring the same result for us.

We was in similar situation several times.


Mostly it was bad communication between generals/leader, and no discipline!


especially France&Q - every general is Napoleon! :lol:

On a positive note, I truly enjoyed the Bernie/Sublime mash up

Time to step into this discussion as well, as I am the villain that dared to attack Defenders of Freedom after another General agreed not to. I was late online in round 3 and saw that no one of our alliance had declared. I asked about it in our generals room, got no answer, and took the decision on my own (as I have done before on various occarsions). I wasn’t aware of any agreement with Defenders (my mistake), it didn’t cross my mind at all, as both Defenders and Intense were leading with two victories, and I saw the attack of Defenders on our alliance as a battle for first place in the season, and I decided to attack Defenders as well in order  to settle things between us for first place. So, it’s all my doing. Kiran isn’t lying, he made the agreement in good faith, and if someone is to blame, it’s me. I hope this clarifies things FLORIS VAN ROZEMOND General of iNtEnSe