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hey there is some decency in rr2. intense made a goof …apologized and the story is closed.i hope no hard feelings are left.

Interesting. Sure, there was a mix up. But why not show some integrity yourself instead of opening a public forum and slandering an alliance as well as a decent player that meant well, has fun with the game and enjoys every aspect of it. You could have manned up and ‘talked’ with him instead of showing yer douchebaggery in public, now you just look like a tool and if ever there was going to be future collaborations, you’ve shot that to shit showing how weak your character is. Not just with intense, but with other generals from other alliance that realize sometimes shit happens, absolutely no respect for this kinda shit and wasting everyone’s time. Well done.



that last post proves that there r jerks in this world

Thank you for understanding, Wobbly. ^_^

Sorry for the trouble.

i think 99.9 per cent of intense is wonderful

Haha…people must get confused now XD

And who is supposed to be the 0,01%?

Alright, bad joke. I couldnt help it. Cheers :wink:

Humbled, Takes a real man to be as forthright as you have been. Sucks things went they way they did. Your stock as a decent dude has raised immensely. I gladly retract the douchebaggery and tool comments. I look forward to our future dealings in the game and am glad your alliance has players such as yourself with strong convictions and character, which in the end i hope will bring you guys much success and prosperity in the game. Happy huntin’ and battle on! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry for the dig, but I will protect any of our family members and was really perturbed by the slander of a good decent player that always means well and was very upset with how things transpired 


Kind and best regards,




.1per cent is redeemed in my eyes…intense is 100 per cent a great clan

No worries. I over-reacted. It all worked out well in the end, anyways.

except me :confused:

How are you involved in this situation, again? Haha

Nothing to say here to_become_senile.gif

And so, HUNS and Intense lived happily ever after :slight_smile:


By the way, this “attacking agreement” reminds me of an educational story:

Two men are sitting in a restaurant. They have ordered fish. The waiter brings a dish with two fishes. One of them significantly smaller than the other.

The first man sees this and cunningly asks the second man to be the first to chose his fish.

The second man, without any shame, takes the bigger fish to his plate.

First man got angry: “If I was the one to pick my fish first, I would take the smaller one!!!”

“Well, you’ve got it… Didn’t you?” Said the second man…


Completely off-topic, but still a nice story about agreements and manners.