Notice From Leader



Here is my suggestion


as my topic above i think would be better if have notice onboard everytime user/general login the game they see the notice


example notice for this week : To clan member pls dont absent when the WAR On

I like this one, it could be sent to everyone’s notification box. Sometimes members don’t even notice the chat, so I guess it would be useful

ya very useful … i leave my pc game online… and join smartphone game … and i found RR2 is perfect timing for me


i want everytime they login they will see notice from leader in chat room

have you guys tried using alliance messages? I send up to 3 a day sometimes

Yup I’ve always used alliance messages, but I guess they don’t even notice the chat or ignore it because  they never say anything or actually do what I ask

also good idea … but cant beat if we using the notice during they login… mean everytime they login …they will see our notice until the leader changed the notice( this setup available for leader or assist leader )