Notification of Forgeing

Hi Flare staffs, can we players be notified if the forging of towers or armours finished so that we don’t have to clike and inspect which one has been finihed to start the next round of forging. Just like the notification of upgrade completing of towers? Many thanks.

Long time waiting feature and still not in 5.0. In the past someone have ask to add a list of forge and I show this :

in the kingdom you should have a icon button Forge when you click on it you have a full list of items on King. Units and Defense

So can be displayed like this :


Tourney Armor +3 in 30 min

Tourney Glove +10 in 5 hours 3 min


Knight +25 in 4 days 5 min

Monk +34 in 6 days 2 min

Necromancer +24 in 6 days 1 min


Bomb Tower +55 in 6 days 2 min

Bomb Tower +25 in 4 days 7 min

Lightning Tower +3 in 2 days 10 min

and so on…

a feature we hope to see in future in still waiting with impatience



@Warriornator that looks like a horrible game full of bugs!

Yeah, a member in my alliance thought of this idea so I posted it here and hope Flare can add this feature in the near future since it’s rather a good advice.

I know RR2 game engine is old. So probably not possible. Like OR if they add with Quest. We will have bugged quest who give you all maxed rewards same if you don’t have accomplish it. Sad because this feature is great

Haha, about half a year ago there was a severe connection problem that leading to frequently disconneciton and one of our member kidding about that by saying flare must have dropped their sever onto the ground and broke it. :slight_smile: