I think this option is something that every player disables.

At some point I turned it on but the notifications are so mostly useless as all the important parts, like donation or league about to end is always deleted when the granny has new offers. Absolutely useless.

I think it would be great if we could choose what we want a notification for.

Personally I only need

Donation, pro league Ticket (most important).

But giving us options is a big improvement and would make this Feature a lot more useful.

If the notifications are all that annoying, which I agree they are, then you can just turn them off in your settings. I never get any notifications. I hated having 100+ notifications from RR2 in a month. Every few days I’d see the most useless notification in the books, “New items in the shop! See what Granny has in store for you!” I mean, what the heck? lol, no one likes Granny. Anyway, I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal. Just turn them on or off. You can keep timers on your watch for collecting your Pro Ticket. Not everything needs to be on the device :grinning:

Or just have a life and don’t worry too much about getting everything perfectly timed on a game :slight_smile:

I thought that RR2 was real life and I was just playing a video game outside of it…huh, I must have that backwards…that’s what flare can do to you  

I have played this game without notifications for more than 3 years. Only used it for about 3 months to see if it is worth it. However it’s useless.

Having notifications for pro league ticket and donations are immensely helpful. In top alliances relaxing donations is not good and I am already 5 days behind in my free pro league Ticket and that just sucks.


Well, were you behind on collecting your ticket BEFORE you turned on notifications? Cause if not, then that just means you’re relying heavily upon the notification telling you

I know it can be confusing awesomest. Remember, if you need help, just ask me ?

Point is I am always a little behind. Always an hour or even more. An all of that added up to about 5 days. It’s just Impossible to always be on Time on the exact same day just like with alliance donations it’s the same Problems always being behind by lets say 2 hours will eventuell add up to a significant amount of gold.

And that Problem has been discussed several times already. Same Logic Applies to pro league Ticket. Having a useful notification System would be at least a little helpful.

Best would be to Change it completely like so many have mentioned reseting dayly donations at midnight would be nice. And apply that same  pro league. Every 4th would give you one instead of reseting it only when you collect it. That’s stupid.