Notifications bug

I’ve noticed this since day one. When I leave the game I get a notification that my upgrade is finished, ANY upgrade, at ANY remaining time. Meaning I dint get it once the upgrade is completely finished, but 6 hours before, 2 hours before so anytime I exit the app.

I can turn notifications off, but I want to know when an upgrade is finished.

I’d thought it would be fixed by now, unless its intentional.

Im on iphone 6 ios 8.4 on last game update and it just happened. I logged on again now and exit, it gave me a notification again (1h 50 minutes remaining for a tower)


Lately Im on big upgrades (that take longer than a few hours), and I always get a notification 3 hours before the completion. I think the notifications when I exit the app have stopped, but it might be because of the big upgrades.

Will confirm again!

update your ios