Notorious loot ? algorithm is back!

No free workers, so I do not raid a lot.I have noticed that even though I do not raid a lot cannot find a decent amount of loot.

Question is does FG make this intentionally during event or?

It is because we have an offense event, and anyone who had good gold in their bank spent it on towers.  If they get more gold, they spend it on towers.

Any time there’s a good event that people want to spend gold on, they spend their gold as soon as they get it rather than build it up.

It’s not an algorithm thing, but a player decision thing.

Lots of people usually don’t bother to loot to keep workers busy (they only upgrade spells, waves and troops), but they do when these events happen.

That’s probably the biggest reason why there’s not as much gold around.

Might be a good idea to upgrade things that do not cost as much and wait for events to secure more gold to be able to make bigger upgrades.

I also save everything I get from chests (after you raid a castle) and save the items in my inventory to sell later for bigger upgrades. 

Now we have 20% discount of gold price)

so everyone can easy fix his problem with gold)

agree with OVRSLO

i have 24 uner chests and 45 mln in dungeon) ready)

I suggested boost events to take place together with festivals but that would be far too useful to implement.

Either way, these events are kinda pointless as there ain’t no gold out thar! Even with discounts.

It’s a defense event, not offense!

What? There’s some new event going on? I didn’t see any info pop up in the game itself.

OK. Takes nothing from my point. 

It seems that algorithm is back to normal ? after pro league chests delivery.