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Hi, please submit your question in this thread here. A selection will be answered around the end of November. Thank you!

When will we have new levels for troops, spells and dungeon?

When will you release next update ?

Will we see any update on stronghold notifications soon? I find this as a fairly important question, especially during the conquest itself as every alliance needs those resources and it’s hard to keep track of when they are ready to send

when would nemesis become a useful pal or at least worth the price 150k crystal ? a super buff is needed  so dev any plan for nemesis ? 

Why would Throne Room lvl 3 players get Pro beasts?

When are you going to change this to where lvl 10+ should?


I heard that conquest conditions would also comme, Is it possible to know when they will be implemented?


Hi, please check the answers for the October session :grinning:


Can you please add an icon button in conquest mode that lets us know if someone messaged us in friend chat?

Can you please add some type of reminder notification that tells us our resources are ready to send or full for Conquest, and one to remind us of free pro-ticket?

Impossible to play against Large alliances matched with lower alliances in Conquest. Can you please change how you rank tiers or add more tiers in Conquest tiers?

Conquest map seems to be getting bigger, as resource tiles like Ancient Libraries have decreased. The added special tiles for +Conquest Score create larger scores for those who can claim and hold onto them. However, lower level alliances struggle to fight over scarce resources to build watchtowers and research to gain in score. This issue seems to need more balance. (personally I liked the first conquest where there was a Library to claim closer to everyone’s stronghold)

Please decrease time it takes to fill our personal resource buildings. 2 days is a long time in a 5-8 day conquest.

I know many of us complained about the cooldown period in the first conquest. However, the change that was made to energy cost in movement is a tad worse, since we use energy to fight too. It becomes very boring when you are stuck from moving for such long periods as map gets bigger. Even worse now, with added 100-150% bonus in battle, and you can’t get to and help your team member, since you are still waiting for energy. One man army does not work anymore, so those getting attacked as scouts while others of same level are stuck in battle or back in stronghold from losing a battle, is a big problem. As a Leader, I am seeing more losing interest in this game from boring and long waits to play it. Maybe just a tad increase on energy regeneration, or slight decrease in costs to move with bigger maps?

(I deleted a prior suggestion in this post, since the current conquest has a much better adjustment to costs of upgrading towers, in Novice Explorer tier of Conquest)

Thank you


thanks Invizzzible, I just re-read that and said wat??? I revised it.

had they said that the ally’s draws were balanced? I would like to understand the draw is made based on the trophies of an alliance? because I would like to inform the flare we have against two alliances that are in position 100 in the ranking but who have players with 1200 trophies of lvl 130, so it is useless to say “the draws are balanced” …serve make raffles based on the lvl of players and the alliance not based on the trophies !!!

I ask to do the alliance’s draws on the basis of the alliance’s lvl and the players so everyone can deal with alliances of the same level, my alliance is always penalized because we play to win, we play cleanly without losing fiefs or conquests on purpose but I see that playing “clean” in this game is not necessary because I find myself against the alliance of lvl 80 in the top 50 and we are only an alliance of lvl 65 in the top 80 … do you also have to play “cheating”? if you want this you are on your way

Is 3 the max number of versions that can have of a pal or can we expect even more pals to join the current trio of wolves, bears and foxes?

Everything’s working fine, no bugs that I’ve encountered. One thing though, can you make it so that people can change their faction name one time, I’m OCD when it comes to naming things and I’ll like to change my alliance name. ;). Also another feature I thought this game needs is the ability to switch between defensive loadouts, so We could switch between loadouts A B C D and have different stratagies, the reason why I think this is a good feature, is because I hate trying new defence strategies when they mess up my original strategy. :slight_smile:

For conquest i suggest:

-eliminating supreme battles 

  • battles during 12h And Not 24h 

-select more players to remove/add the blue flag 

-soldiers cant declare war 

-Draws alliance based on their level And level of your members 

Most expensive weapon on Pro Shop was 9.800, while the cheapest of the new ones is 19.500 and the most expensive 29.000!
Most expensive gloves was 13.300, while the cheapest of the new ones is 19.500 and the most expensive 33.000!!
Gets even worse about Pro-Pals, with Nemesis costing 6x more than the most expensive previous pal, and 10x more than the cheapest one!

Is that a pattern that will keep happening? Can we only expect more and more expensive stuff all the time?
Because if that’s the case, then the prices are increasing too much and too fast!

Question, Comment, Concern, Idea:  (Festivals) I’ve talked a few friends into joining the game. Yay!  I was telling them about the Festival where they could get really cool items to help them along the way.  Well, a couple of them did very well and managed to do “Ok” thus far getting items through the Chests. Another friend struggled to get past quite a few of the levels in the Festival and ended up with squat, not even enough points to get an item from the Festival. She burned through her tickets to get enough food to play and used a few gems just to get 1 crown only to go on to another super hard level with defense she hadn’t yet seen (being a level 10).  So, here’s my thought process as I have seen quite a few complaints on the levels being too hard… Either raise the Hero level to join to like 10, OR better yet, when a Festival level isn’t beaten even with 1 crown, lower the Festival level by removing the higher Defense.  I can tell you, 1 friend said she came across Firebolt towers and was dead before she even left the tent area. She only had Knights and Archers to work with. How fair is that really?   It’s great fun to join in a Festival, it’s also quite depressing when you can’t even pass through a level enough to get just 1 crown, nor even be able to get the cheapest item offered. As an addition, perhaps lower the experience points earned through Festivals. You can level up in number very quickly, but your home base doesn’t reflect it at all and invites higher level players to come smash and grab more easily and more often. 

(Conquest) I have an anxious soldier who built towers all over kingdom come without asking or even mentioning she was doing it. Kinda ticked me off and I nearly removed her, but she’s a good daily player and she’s still here, for now. It would be nice to leave tower building to Levels above soldier to eliminate this issue. I see I’m not the only one who has experienced it.  

I’m a good case in point. I leveled up so quick (from 8 to 22 in less than 24 hours) and can’t even get 1 crown in most of the Festival levels. I get a boatload of experience, been attacked by higher level players and virtually just started playing a few days ago. I don’t have any Festival items, and probably won’t earn enough points to get the lowest level item available. I used A  LOT of tickets and upgraded units, buildings, towers, food as fast as I could to try and keep up with the Festival. I stopped playing the Festival for a day, managed to get a low level and beat it, then it went into an extremely hard level with Firebolt towers, gargoyles, frosters, mortars, werewolves. It was insane. After failing to move past the first baracade about 3 times, the level repeated itself twice and then a harder one after that. That really bummed me out. So I’ve stopped playing the Festival and am concentrating more on upgrading everything. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time. 

Can it happen that the nerfed offense is not nerfed for dungeons. Because dungeons have become extremely hard after the update 4.0. I not 100% but still agree with the balances change. But for dungeons either buff the nerfed spell troops or just make the dungeos a little easier for players.

Are there any motor boosts, I cant seem to find one?

Lv 150, are you considering? 

From a Lv130 member of Korea .