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Why game only provides twelve banner symbol?

There are very few options while designing new banner for a team ;/


Q1: how can nyx towers effectively be countered or what helps your troops from getting brain washed?
the only way to prevent your troops from beeing turned around is to destroy nyx asap - which is not always easy in some layouts… but does e.g. a high command value of your hero (not only makes you spam troops better) also helps that troops near your hero wont turn against you that quickly when in the influence of a nyx? or does a high life value on the troops give more resistance to a nyx? and why fight troops still against you when the controlling nyx is destroied?

Q2: is there something planned to give a protection perk akaginst nyx?
we have elements resitance and stuff like that for all towers/troops - why nothing to develop and protect against nyx? have you thought of e.g. give a perk for items that protects troops near your hero fully against brainwash-and the radius of protection can be made bigger when the items/perk is forged. (or not full protection but gives more resistance and the radius of protection remains constant)… something like that. maybe there could be also a new unique that make use of this ability/perk - (like the helmet of magneto that protects him from influence of prof.x… ? - but here you protect your troops)

Q3: right now i observe that (some) items whith same perks do have different %-boosts when forged - why is this so? when you change something with boost values, does this only effect new items (and old items still have the boost values which where active when the item dropped)? if so, can you please create a list with the actual boosts for each perk/base stat listened for the game - even better would be if we could see those values on an “item-info” which reveals even more (e.g. the hidden level/what level was the hero/player when the item dropped…)?

Q4: can we also have a list of internal hero modifiers (or resistances / weakness to elemental damage)? i mean sometimes you tweak them and so it would be easier to see what changes have been made and maybe if some heroes get more interesting - (if we dont get feedback, only a few players try every hero permanently, and without feedback you maybe tweak and tweak without seeing any results that this hero will be used more. and after a while you maybe have an OP hero that everybody uses then…). a little bit of transperancy would be great. maybe you are also working on such an wiki… e.g. which heros have weakness against fire and so on (we see in the hero info when there is a better protection against an element, but not against which element the hero is vulnerable…just like the towers). stuff like that…

Q5: and do you have plans to put albino crows (e.g. “”  or “”)  into the game?
(sorry, could not resist  ?)

Let this be a warning haha :grinning:

Questions like this might be better for Players Helping Players. They’re pretty easy/well documented answers. And then you wouldn’t have to wait until the end of the month. Just a suggestion. 

EDIT: Thanks to @Philstar for the link to that thread. It covers the answers to the question you asked.

All units are resistant to Nyx, but the amount of resistance is based on their MORALE (not health like you were wondering). Low morale units (spearmen, archers) have very low resistance to Nyx, high morale units (phoenix, griffin) have very high resistance. 

hello @Madlen I have some questions:

  1. When the new LVLs are completed, will the values of the normal items be compared to the current “buggy” items? you have done some simulations so you have the results and you can communicate them
  2. simulating uninterrupted updates with 4 workers, a lvl player 131 how long would it take us to reach the new lvl maximum? you have the data and you can communicate it
  3. in addition to your kind ways (and thank you) do you think about answering these questions or will you just give speeches without going into merit and to respond concretely with numbers to the questions I have asked you?
  4. do you think that systematically ignoring simple requests for transparency (and not only) can bring something positive to flaregames?
    thank you

No units are resistant to nyx, they all begin to convert the moment they are in range; and to say a phoenix is more resistant than a spearman isn’t correct, they both convert morale at the same rate, it’s just the phoenix has more morale to convert, but the rewards for the defending player with nyx tower are greater when it’s stolen. In my topic I explained this misconception.

We can have 5 workers now, and I’ve completed a year in the game, my workers all working non-stop (and I had at least 3 from early on) and still have barricades to complete (don’t tell anyone!) and 4 artemis towers, 3 prometeus, a nyx, a hydra, and an apollo tower, the last 2 haven’t been started yet. I did ask for a 6th builder to help the guys that want to progress and compete.  A 6th builder would help newer players catch up, in fact it’s totally necessary.  As for powers, they are still a year from completion I think!

Can we expect and surprises in the holiday season?

While I Like the battle markers, I’d like to be able to completely block an island from attack by my alliance.  Is it possible to add this feature?

Is there any plan to put hard cap on Ascenion level?

There is cap on almost every thing in the game including Forging and Dominion points.


Why game doesn’t allow instant forging, it is necessary for competition at top level.

Where player need to quickly change old euipments with new forged ones.

Very funny dumpster,

Of course those gem costs are way to much.


But this was exactly what you were asking for. Sure it is costly to override the time in a Free-to-Play game … what do you expect?

Can we expect the new God/Hero for the OR 3rd Birthday?


I like how my answer matches my avatar pic lol. 

You have zeus and hades… give them in regular use. 

I think this is a major spoiler. The new hero is Atlas.