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Why game doesn’t allow instant forging, it is necessary for competition at top level.

Where player need to quickly change old euipments with new forged ones.

Very funny dumpster,

Of course those gem costs are way to much.


But this was exactly what you were asking for. Sure it is costly to override the time in a Free-to-Play game … what do you expect?

Can we expect the new God/Hero for the OR 3rd Birthday?


I like how my answer matches my avatar pic lol. 

You have zeus and hades… give them in regular use. 

I think this is a major spoiler. The new hero is Atlas.

Ha, some may see Atlas:

“Madlen, carrying the weight of the FG world.”

Others may see Poseidon:

(Madlen, can you guess which trident is it?)

I forgive Tomaxo for going even more off-topic because there always has to be time for Zelda hints… :grinning:

There are two areas I would like answers on for future development. Both involves random outcomes that can be very frustrating for many players - and I’d like to see some reduction in this randomness (or even elimination)

  1. Cursed Uniques.

The process of cursing uniques is extremely costly and time consuming. Currently the outcome is random and as a result a very good chance you get a different unique that is the same as one you already possess (indeed that happened to me the 3x I bothered). I don’t know anyone who can be bothered doing this anymore - we are sick of the waste of effort (Is suspect if you reviewed your developer logs you would find this “feature” is increasingly rarely used?).

I understand the need to not have an entirely predictable outcome but it would be a HUGE improvement if it could be guaranteed (or at least a high likelihood) that the result of the cursed unique would be an item not yet possessed by the player

  1. Rolling for masteries

I understand that once you select a chosen mastery from the two options given the likelihood of getting a high increase improves the more times you roll - that’s fair (though sometimes still VERY expensive in gold). But the wisdom expenditure to get an option you would like gets really high very fast and it is entirely random. I’d like to see some sort of ability to influence that outcome (e.g. advising whether or not you want the probability of options to be weighted TOWARD what you are already using or AWAY from it)

It seems to me both these changes would still be in the spirit of the game but would increase player enjoyment

Can you make dominance useful again?

I understand its use to set levels for access to unlock islands in the early days - but it’s been so long since then for me I’ve forgotten the details of how it worked. Once you hit 300,000 it’s currently an entirely useless and redundant indicator - even though each and every island you occupy gains you “more”.

I’m not sure what it could be used for - but if you put your creativity to it I’m sure you could up with something? 

Can you add a new speedup to automatic combat?just like ×4 or ×8?Generally speaking,Some fully confident battles will be slow and boring,I will manually operate for some equally matched opponents.but,Some weaker opponents, I prefer to end the fight quickly.?

i totaly agree with u,

What about the other way, half speed 0.5x, for very tough opponents, which require precise manual play? It’s a little bit like using Chronos… ?

Could just have algorithm predict the result of the battle without looking at it based on your gear/lvl/blessings/relative base strengths/etc…We’ve all played Championship Manager, having 4x/8x normal speed can’t really gauge what’s going on at that speed, and used for the easy bases where a win is 100% anyway.  I don’t think there’s much wrong with the x2 speed but on this topic I still think that only Helen/Caddy have the AI programming to work properly. I mean you use Achilles in auto and he might not use his shield ability once the whole battle, and for sure he’ll drop talos on a phoenix! Caddy/Helen are head and shoulders above the rest, and it’s a bit unfair for the players that don’t have either of their CD uniques to take advantage of this poor AI.  At sub lvl 50 all can do auto…but I’m talking lvl100+

So can the AI for other heroes be improved? That’s my question…

Q1: can you please give us the informations in which ranges the values for the different base- and perk-attributes can drop out of chests, regarding to their color? and what are the differences for items that drop out of cursed chests (ranges for the additional perks and base values)… ( edit : and is the distribution within these ranges gaussian?)

edit : a table could look like this for excample…

Q2: do cursed items behave different in the forge?