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i totaly agree with u,

What about the other way, half speed 0.5x, for very tough opponents, which require precise manual play? It’s a little bit like using Chronos… ?

Could just have algorithm predict the result of the battle without looking at it based on your gear/lvl/blessings/relative base strengths/etc…We’ve all played Championship Manager, having 4x/8x normal speed can’t really gauge what’s going on at that speed, and used for the easy bases where a win is 100% anyway.  I don’t think there’s much wrong with the x2 speed but on this topic I still think that only Helen/Caddy have the AI programming to work properly. I mean you use Achilles in auto and he might not use his shield ability once the whole battle, and for sure he’ll drop talos on a phoenix! Caddy/Helen are head and shoulders above the rest, and it’s a bit unfair for the players that don’t have either of their CD uniques to take advantage of this poor AI.  At sub lvl 50 all can do auto…but I’m talking lvl100+

So can the AI for other heroes be improved? That’s my question…

Q1: can you please give us the informations in which ranges the values for the different base- and perk-attributes can drop out of chests, regarding to their color? and what are the differences for items that drop out of cursed chests (ranges for the additional perks and base values)… ( edit : and is the distribution within these ranges gaussian?)

edit : a table could look like this for excample…

Q2: do cursed items behave different in the forge?

Can we have cheaper refining process so as anyone can do refining,regardless of the ascenion level?

Like a level 110 can do refinement and use same equipments for refining at a higher level but with super cheap costs.

As a 110 player, I quite agree with you.Refining is very unfriendly to us.

Agree with this suggestion, especially since forged items for lower level players will only last for a few levels. Perhaps they can be a proportion of the level 131 (or whatever the new top level is) cost. 

The only exploit with this would be someone pre-forging cheap gold star items to refine uniques later in the game. Probably not a big deal, but something to consider. 

Can we please add the ability to see skull values for each island (enemy and our own) in the war, even if you’re not captain (or higher) and also even if that island is not available for attack?  



At present,Refining equipment is very unfriendly to low level players.:frowning:

When you spend a lot of money and time refining a gold or silver five, it becomes very weak just because you have risen a few levels, which is usually very depressed.?

I suggest,You can turn gold five or silver five into exclusive items.When you upgrade, you can continue forging to improve their properties.So that they will not be eliminated.? 

Please take care of the low level players and keep the gap from expanding.

Can refinement process use less material to continue forge like as use of one item allows to pass four stages within same color category.

I can use one item to pass green cycle,then same for blue and other categories.

The reason being refinement requires lot of resources plus materials.Not to mention two five star titan too.

Our two different proposals are for better refining.

Your suggestion is to use fewer resources to complete the refined items.

My suggestion is to refine an item and continue to strengthen it with the red five-star after each upgrade.Make it powerful all the time.?

What’s the max limit of video chests in a day?

Like the what’s maximum number for such chests that player can obtain in a day from viewing advertisements?

In my experience, 8 per day, but it could be more if you don’t sleep or set an alarm. 

How many % of players are playing over 1 year? And over 2 years?

I started playing upon the release then, after a few month i quit the game and came back to it in September.

Maybe a silly one:

I have noticed some players have shiny marble paths in their defence.

How does one get such a nice path in your defences, in stead of that dirt track I have to look at every day?

The path decorations change depending on the resource island they’re on.

So mine can be marbly in an attacker’s eyes as well?