November Dev Q&A Answers

You asked - we answered! Here are the answers to the questions from November. :slight_smile:

Q: I have to two questions. A new hero coming soon on a new update and new rare items for the heroes?? 

We would very much like to add new Unique Items, but we cannot yet say for sure if this will make it into the next update. As for new Heroes, it is more likely we will first introduce a new God, but we cannot yet say when this will be.

Q: Why unique items have different values for the same perk.

We are looking into ways of improving this discrepancy; however, we are unable to safely modify existing items, especially on a large scale across all players.

Q: From gameplay design why developers made Perseus most powerful defender?

Perseus’ power as a defender comes mainly from the issue with Life on Hit, which we intend to address with the next version.

Q: Are there plans to add a Facebook-App also (as RR2 has)?

It’s unlikely we will add this to OR.

Q: Will there ever be any kind of wagering/betting system installed? Like allowing players to bet gems (or something else) on the outcome of wars they’re not involved with?

We actually had ideas along these lines, however, doing so can lead to problems and risks when releasing in certain countries. We even thought of something along the lines of a stock market exchange, where you buy shares in the success of players or Alliances.

Q: Were the base stats of items modified in the past year? If so, were cursed item stats adjusted at the same time?

We have not modified the base stats of items in the past year.

Q: Why game provid** es only one **** chance to change IGN?**

Originally there was no option to change IGN, though we have considered allowing it at a Gem cost and this is not off our list. The main reasons for restricting name changes are:

  • Players who are kicked from Alliances or are trolling other players can easily change their name, and re-enter the Alliances, or continue trolling.
  • It becomes much harder to track players’ in-game activities based on user reports, if the person who is reported can easily change their in-game name.
  • It becomes too easy for players, who have had their offensive name changed by support agents, to change their name to something equally offensive.
  • It’s much easier to find circumventions to naming guidelines if you have infinite retries.

There are others, but that is the gist of it.

Q: how can nyx towers effectively be coun** tered o r what helps your troops from getting brain washed?**

There have been many discussions about Nyx counters within the forums, they contain many valid strategies. We believe that, unless you go in unprepared, Nyx Towers are usually not the biggest threat in a defence.

Q: is there something planned to give a protection perk against nyx**?**

There is nothing currently planned, but this is an interesting idea.

Q: right now I observe that (some) items with same perks do have different %-boosts when forged - why is this so?

Not sure exactly what you are asking here, but there could be several reasons for this:

  • All items are not created equal, the same item with the same Perk can have a different strength, and the Perk on that item can also have a different strength (as in, you could have a weak item with a strong Perk, or a strong item with a weak Perk, or a strong item with a strong Perk). All of these things affect what happens when you forge.
  • If you are forging an item you found before the last server update, and it has one of the Perks we boosted with the update, it will get a 1-time large boost to that Perk, which brings it in-line with the current values (non-uniques only).

Q: can we also have a list of internal hero modifiers (or resistances / weakness to elemental damage)?

There is no Hero with an inherent weakness, only differing amounts of resistances (which you can view in the Hero info screen). Any modifiers to speed, health, etc. are also all visible in the info screen.

Q: Do you have plans to put albino crows (e.g. “”  or “”)  into the game?

Albino Crows have been a feature since day 1, you just need to angle the camera upwards to see them.

Q: When the new LVLs are completed, will the values of the normal items be compared to the current “buggy” items? you have done some simulations so you have the results and you can communicate them?

A fully forged item at level 150 will be roughly the equivalent of 23 ascension levels better than a previously “superforged” item.

Q: Simulating uninterrupted updates with 4 workers, a lvl player 131 how long would it take us to reach the new lvl maximum?

If you do not rush a single upgrade, the new levels will bring you roughly 6 months of additional building upgrades.

Q: In addition to your kind ways (and thank you) do you think about answering these questions or will you just give speeches without going into merit and to respond concretely with numbers to the questions I have asked you? Where we can we will respond with numbers, if this is something which is going to detract heavily from the work we are doing due to the effort involved in creating those numbers, we often give the best answer we can within those constraints. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to give you all the information you would like, within the constraints of work hours and/or company policy.

Q: Do you think that systematically ignoring simple requests for transparency (and not only) can bring something positive to flaregames**?**

No. This is why we do what we can to be as transparent as possible within the above-mentioned constraints.

Q: Can we expect any surprises in the holiday season?

By definition, one cannot expect a surprise.

Q: While I like the battle markers, I’d like to be able to completely block an island from attack by my alliance.  Is it possible to add this feature?

We decided against this feature as it could be too open to (intentional or unintentional) abuse, and issues. With the current system it’s not possible to block players from playing, and also means that more organised alliances perform better, which is a part of being a great Alliance.

Q: Is there any plan to put a hard cap on Ascension level?

Ascension level is already capped by the number of buildings you can build. The new maximum is 150. It is the same as if we raised the previous cap by 19. We don’t currently have a plan to say that this is definitely the final time we will raise level caps.

Q: I understand the need to not have an entirely predictable outcome but it would be a HUGE improvement if it could be guaranteed (or at least a high likelihood) that the result of the cursed unique would be an item not yet possessed by the player

This is highly requested and it is not completely off our list, but we cannot guarantee this will make it into the next version.

Q: I understand that once you select a chosen mastery from the two options given the likelihood of getting a high increase improves the more times you roll - that’s fair (though sometimes still VERY expensive in gold). But the wisdom expenditure to get an option you would like gets really high very fast and it is entirely random. I’d like to see some sort of ability to influence that outcome (e.g. advising whether or not you want the probability of options to be weighted TOWARD what you are already using or AWAY from it)

An interesting idea, we will discuss this amongst the team.

Q: Can you make dominance useful again?

We’ll brainstorm this and see if we agree on an idea.

Q: Can you add a new speedup to automatic combat? Just like x4 or x8?

Quite a cool idea which might not be too hard to implement. We’ll look into it.

Q: can you please give us the information in which ranges the values for the different base- and perk-attributes can drop out of chests, regarding to their color**?**

I’m afraid we can’t easily give you this information; it’s not handled by a single calculation in-game, but a series of calculations and tables.

Q: Can we please add the ability to see skull values for each island (enemy and our own) in the war, even if you’re not the captain (or higher) and also even if that island is not available for attack?

Cool idea. We’ll consider it for a future version.

Q: What’s the max limit of video chests in a day?

There is no real limit, rather a realistic limit based on chance, this depends on a many factors, including whether a video is available to show from our providers. Theoretically the maximum (if you are awake 24/7 and fulfil all the necessary factors all the time) would be 12, but 8 is a more realistic number.

Q: How many % of players are playing over 1 year? And over 2 years?

This is a difficult question to accurately answer without a lot of data digging, but a related number which we can easily tell you is that roughly 1/3 of our active players have played for over 1 year, and roughly 1/9 of our players have been Gods for at least 2 years. This only includes currently active players.

Q: are there any negative effects if I choose not to forge uniques every player level (not talking about refinement and despite that they don’t have their maximum values in those levels, of course)?

There are no negative effects (other than not having an up-to-date item for a level). It makes much more sense to wait several levels instead of using up the resources each level for minimal changes. The result will not be different.

Q: why can alliances keep their easier farmed torches when promoted to a higher league and benefit from their related boosts? or: why does the quality of boosts still depend on torches, since they can be gained in an uneven way? 

We actually intend to remove the Alliance Hall of Gods as it is essentially no longer accurate; the Seasons table is much more accurate now, when looking for an indicator of Alliance strength.

Q: is there anything planned (or already implemented) that the top 3/4 teams meet each other more often?

This is entirely random, and will remain random, as is necessary in such a league system to maintain a non-biased matchup system.

Q: Since two the most recent updates, players worthy +15 trophies appear very rarely on the map. Why?

The number of +15 enemies relates only to your own Trophy number. If you have less people above you in the leaderboard, you will find less enemies with more than +3 Trophies. This was not changed.



One important thing to note about fully refined items, even if they are several levels old, is that they make *awesome* items to dismantle when refining a new item. A really well superforged old item will give a massive boost to a new 5* bronze item you refine to silver, or 5* silver item you refine to gold. This is probably the best use of old, unused, but heavily refined items, and they are among the best possible boosts you can get with refinement.

The costs of wisdom islands are somewhat random but loosely based on the perceived difficulty of the islands.

Great and cool answers from the devs! Thank you Madlen and Sam.


roughly 1/3 of our active players have played for over 1 year, and roughly 1/9 of our players have been Gods for at least 2 years

We have more loyal players than I thought. Cool!


Thanks @Madlen

hi, 1st of all thx for the answers.


if it cannot be done easily by tables (i dont know what is so difficult, we just want the min-max possible values regarding to base/perks/color for the actual player level, so we can compare to old items and so on…), then you can also implement it in game like i want to suggest now: (another info-button with a selectable color so the values correspond to that color selection.

if the devs want, they can do that - the values are there in game …


the info is of courese scroll able then … (and list in picture is not all)


edit: @Madlen you said “it’s not handled by a single calculation in-game, but a series of calculations and tables.” … i always thought that those values depend on the actuel player level when the item is droppend and ofcourse the base/perk on it and maybe if it is a normal or cursed item (if base is also effected by that the the info suggestion above has to be re-arranged) or the hero the item is for … i am wondering now what else do/should effect the min/max-values and could this be included in an info like suggested above? 


so funny you even answered to joke question, thx!  now i only need to know how to adjust camera angle for my device ? ? …

After many camera adjustment attempts, I could count a maximum of 15 Albino Crows near Mt Olympus. I thought they were Seagulls. ?


15 makes sense. We currently have 14 Heroes. With the upcoming God, we’re gonna have 15 Heroes.

Each time a Hero dies, his/her designated Albino Crow carries the dead corpse back to Mt Olympus.

Can we get a little more explaination on this, because it doesn’t seem to work that way, or Captain Morgan isn’t explaining what he means well. A newer, better refined item is always better than an older, less good refined item, unless you’re refining a unique, in which case they’re equal, or using the item as a dismantle for a less than 5 star titan, in which case it’s equal to a normal 4 star item. Right?

Hey Nan, I got all those approx, by observing. Those that change by level are the same for all heroes. But I’ll give you something i use for my calculations on GK.

Base health for Perseus (before vest/boots or perks) is  30131. This is based on hero level only, so its been pretty stable. If you add your items, and any boost from Hero stats, you should be “right on”

Base attack is appox 750 also on level 20. (thats before any calculations for total hero damage). That formula is a bit more complex. If you want it, open a topic, I’ll answer and maybe the devs can confirm 

@Madlen, @Chris, @CaptainMorgan

Concerning last 2 questions. 

  1. I was looking for more detail on the wisdom. I found some irregularities. But if you can’t give more info, I will come back with specific screenshots

  2. The gold/silver answer is definitelly false. Its not working that way NOW anyway. This is the exact reason I made my question/suggestion. As for dismantles, the values are already lowered so it can’t give me a better result, I cant see the possibility and it would be crazy to even “try” it when we have no clues. But even so, not even that seems to be the case… here are screenshots that show the dismantle is exactly the same for forging AND refining. If the “visible” perk is not changing… why would the hidden perks change? Can’t really understand, it doesnt make sense what you said. You always get a better result with a normal FRESH max forged 5* titan.

4,88 mb is not enough to prove the dismantle value you mentioned (got 7 screenahots to attach)

@Madlen, @CaptainMorgan, @Chris

Hi guys. You realize that when you say something, but that’s not the case, we really want to get it right? Please check out these photos, and give us a better answer. This is something on which we are proposing several ideas for some time now, and you may have something here, to counter it for the time being… its so relevant right now that we are leveling up. It would be unfair, if you fix this later, and in the mean time, people destroy their old silver/gold items,

Alright, sorry if the order of pictures is not correct, but lets get down to business…

Photo of ring, with stun and CD. Refined with a simple 5* titan Helen sword. Result 14127 and 15094
Photo of ring, with stun and CD. Refined with a silver 5* titan ring. Result 14127 and 15094
Photo of ring, with stun and CD. Refined with a gold 5* titan Perseus vest. Result 14127 and 15094

Photo of Cadmus cape, with CD. Forged with a silver 4* ring. Result increase from 71485 to 76160 — 6,54%
Photo of Cadmus cape, with CD. Forged with a silver 5* ring. Result increase from 71485 to 76527 — 7,05%
Photo of Cadmus cape, with CD. Forged with a gold 5* Perseus vest. Result increase from 71485 to 76527 — 7,05%
Photo of Cadmus cape, with CD. Forged with a simple 5* titan Helen sword. Result increase from 71485 to 76527 — 7,05%

I don’t see any difference, forges/refinings are what are expected, no difference between silver/gold and the normal ones. In fact we have never seen any difference, nor were we told that this would be the case. Mind you, I did try these things as soon as I had refined some items. And it would make sense… putting so much time and effort in these refined items, and getting the same result in forging/refining or any other purpose for them, is not logical.

Thanks in advance.

@Archimides i assume that you do not see any difference because neither base nor perks are identical - so only the “?” when refining would be different (but we do not see this result…). and for a normal forge, only the * on it do count… but i agree - it would be a terrible waste if you use a fully refined item just to forge normal… there was a hint in the forge description that you have to be careful…

atm i think the only way of using such items (when they become useless after several levels) is to refine a unique item - but here you would need the right perks on them… 

i also agree if the machanism will be changed it is not fair (dont matter if now or later) - but if they want to change it, its better now… because some players already have nearly passed half the way to max levels…

Hello. First of all thanks for the answers again, but also for keeping this topic open so far. We do however need better clarifications and some replies, as you may have seen in the past weeks, we try alone to find an explanation from the above answer… I am making an effort to explain more, both to you and to the community, so maybe we can all understand the system better. I am also building this around a story, to show some benefit for anyone trying to do so (and why - they might ask).

So I’ve leveled up from 131 to 135-136 and my heroes are becoming weaker. Naturally I would not want to invest in new items since I will level up even more, but you just can’t compete easy. You try to draw a line between cost and efficiency. I spend a bit more for my war and aid heroes (total are 4 usually, maybe 5 or 6). So here is a situation with Cadmus.

I had my silver items on 131, and now I am switching to the normal titan ones. When I finish with my sword, I lose like 300-500 overall damage (total 11k), lose the stun effect completely and gain more than twice demo value. I didn’t max forge on titan only, which is why I lack some damage, but which is also pretty AWESOME of how the new system works, even with refining and leveling up. So if I have the same damage output, but 4-5 levels later, obviously for me, it’s not enough. Therefore I am adding some speed attack.

Now I would take my Perseus wrist weapon, and refine my Cadmus wrists normally. Assuming that 72k was the same with my silver Cadmus sword with speed attack (57k)
and demolition, I would transfer MORE by using the silver forged item? Is this what you are saying? 

I could not find a 5* titan closer to 57k, but I believe now we completely understand each other? Normally with the new forging update, I think I could transfer around 50k from the Perseus item… Assuming I used the Cadmus silver sword, I would get around 40k by the logic we know currently. All by max forging. If you are saying that the silver would give me a better result than 40k (this really matters - HOW much better?), I can try that just this time, my loss isn’t that big (10k). Although I would normally dismantle a 110-120k speed attack and get more than 75k (so my loss is actually 35k which is HALF)… That’s why originally I said I wouldn’t try it, unless I can get more out of it - its *****, I maxed out that silver all the way on 131, which means I invested time and resources, and even after 5 levels, what do I get out of it? If I can’t get a value close to 60-70k then it’s not worth it in any case… imagine in 15 levels? And, no one would refine silver every 1-2 levels, so this “feature” is either pointless for 5+ levels or more expensive for 2-3 levels. Thus why in my suggestion, I said we need to transfer the value from silver/gold items with a small boost of the levels you are now… making it more closer to a result I would get, had I refined a new item close to 110-120k

It all fits together perfectly, to get some good answers and finally have a tactic set for these situations. This is until we max out on our levels, and then we need a solution on what to do with the silver items, if this right here, is not efficient. 

Can I get an answer on this, so I can perhaps think to try it ? @Madlen ? If you guys aren’t sure of what the result is, or how big the impact will be, how can we possibly use it ?

@Tomaxo you think this should be transferred to the new devs questions for December, or not ??


Hi, it’s okay to have the question here since it came up after the dev Q&A. I have forwarded the thread but I am waiting for answers. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks Madlen! I am really waiting for the answers from the devs. If dismantle a superforged silver-star for refininng yields a result which is at least as good as dismantling a superforged bronze-star of the same level as the silver-star item , then I’d definitely buy into the refining system and will be willing to refine silver-star items every, say, 5 levels.

currently the system treats a refined 5* silver (probably gold also)item the same as standard 5* titan bronze. There is no benefit to using them for dismantling. Just for cursing uniques.

Did you try this to refine? Cause there’s a mystery number when you do it.

I.e. use a 5 silver star titan to refine a 5* bronze vs. using another 5* bronze. They both make a silver 1* green with identical base stat and base perk, but there’s the MyStErYyYyYyYy number of the refined perk. 

Well in this example, the other 3 numbers are identical, to if I use a normal 5* bronze or a refined item to create the new gold item. In this example the quality of the perk getting transferred is the important factor not whether it was a silver/gold/bronze item. In normal forging there no difference and you can see all the numbers.



Right, it’s the last number that’s in question. That’s the only place where there could be some advantage to using a refined item vs a bronze item in a regular forge/refine. It’s a tough thing to test because they don’t give you all the information, and doing a double blind test is almost impossible. You’d need 2 sets of nearly identical items, all forged to 5* titan.

I tend to agree with you - using refined items as dismantles is no worse (but definitely no better) than using a bronze item, EXCEPT the last thing from the devs on the issue is that they consider refined items to be superior, so… either they’re wrong, or the secret is behind that question mark.

Did you refine it? For me, always the lowest value of the two possibilities.If you did, can you send it to me privately please … kiss kiss


some remarks & notes taken from:

Refining Items …   In order to Refine an item, you will need to dismantle a 5-Star Titan rarity item. One of the Perks on this item will be transferred to the item you Refine, giving it a total of 3 Stats! Since items can be refined twice, this can lead to a maximum of 4 different stats on each item.  Note:  if the Perk from the item you dismantle is already on the item you are refining, you will receive a random Perk instead.

The stronger the Perk on the item you dismantle, the stronger the Perk on the item you Refine.

Forging … ** Note:  whether or not the item has 2, 3 or 4 Perks  does not have an effect  on the power increase through Forging, there is no need to  waste **your 3 or 4 Perk (Silver- or Gold-star) items when Forging. The only time stronger items have an effect is when you Refine. Once again: don’t dismantle your Refined items when Forging, unless you have a really good reason!


Although a 5-Gold-Star Titan item (with 4 Perks) can no longer be upgraded, they do not become obsolete. it is possible to use these items to Refine a normal Bronze-5-Star Titan Item. The additional strength of the fully upgraded item will be carried over, allowing you to endlessly loop your upgrades and continue making more and more powerful items. Since refining an item gives a bigger boost to its potential than Forging does, and that boost depends on the item you use, this is the most powerful possible way to upgrade your items, if you have the patience!


@Archimides, @Philstar could you also post screenshots, when only that perk that you want to transfer is different to the ones on the receiving item? - just to compare results… maybe to receive the benefit from higher forged items that gets dismantled towards the one beeing refined (see “power up” from above or link), the perks have to fit to the one to be refined. … and the “transfer perk” if of course behind the “?”.

and also the last picture is another waste, because you can only transfer one perk at a time to a normal item (except: uniques), right?



"Once again:  don’t dismantle your Refined items when Forging, unless you have a really good reason!"

… would be interesting how the “power up!” function should work and what has to be respected for that…