Now flare can introduce subscriptions in windows too

As per trusted source… Its clear that Microsoft introduced subscription system as another form of payments on Microsoft store. 

Now we can just expect from flare to add this feature to RR2. 


Doubtful. Windows platform is pretty much dead and probably not worth flares time to put anything into it.

Windows platform is dead? Windows mobile yes, that’s almost history, but Windows definitely isn’t.

I meant windows mobile, not the desktop. I still forget people play on that lol… doesn’t help that I neither trust nor use the windows store

many questions here :

1.Some person in the game spend really 129$ per month just to obtain some privilege in a video game? I mean there is really people who waste their money in a video game? I don’t talk about encouraging developer with 20$ or100$,etc… but spend 1,000$,2,000$ or 5,000$ really? 

2.Same if Flare find a way to add subscription to Windows platform. What are the chance this bad feature will benefit them? No one will spend money on this. At least not much

3.We can find this kind of bad stuffs in a MMORPG I can believe some are crazy to develop their perso and spend over 5,000$ just to obtain fictive items. what the point of this feature really? to show who have the biggest money to waste in a video game?

Honestly and maybe many will agree with me. Windows User don’t need this. I am happy not have this on Windows

I’m surprised by this comment. Quite a few people will dump thousands (with a t) into games like this. One of my alliance mates have spent over $2k. I played a game once where it was rumored one player spent in excess of 20 grand. Hilariously he got banned. Some people that play these have dough!

I guess all depend of your priority. For me never i will spend money in a game. I find there is so many thing more important in the life before spend money in a video game. Bills,foods,etc…its not really my kind of stuffs 

for sure many people are like to pay for fun. They have fun in game and they prefer to max it, not grinding, just buy it.

have no idea, why its a problem fpr someone and why its surprising someone

Windows phone the PC nd laptops windows is still the largest used OS for both gaming nd’s the android that’s useless in PC world.

I know windows has the biggest share of the x86 OS market…

Android is the largest mobile OS by mkt share for ARM devices, I wouldn’t call that useless.

well android is a complete useless mobile experience for me…its my personal opinion.

Why so? I understand if you don’t like it but multiple billions of people use it so…

If you think android is useless, try windows mobile.

i have android,windows nd currently on IOS.other than app diversity android sucks compared to windows in UI,performance,usability,multi tasking etc

UI, performance, usability, multi tasking and etc don’t matter squat if all you have is like two apps. An operating system is to have apps run on it, without those it’s useless, even if it’s the greatestest of all systems in all of history of everything.

Desktop windows has had it’s ups but has gone to a** with all recent privacy quirks and the rest of the hoopla, and windows mobile could’ve been good if anyone on the planet (including it’s creators for crying out loud!) gave half a doo-doo about it.