Number of Diamond League victories

Notice how SO many players have all 5 stars?  It would be nice to know have many times a person has won the diamond league.  Perhaps a small number next to the 5 stars?  There is a big difference between a player who has won 1 Diamond League and another player who has won 10.



Like this. They must add other think that make game beautiful like this.


Maybe add this “number” at the center of the five star? not to disrupt the entire bar or maybe a card that leads to various statistics of the player about the different victories on the various tournaments.

I would like it too, to know how many times i had win diamond league since i started with RR2.


Normally i win the diamond league all 3 Days since month :slight_smile:

I put in the main suggestion thread a whie back that we should get to know all of our stats. I’ve won only 3 or 4  since starting, it’s just to hard without bread. I think I would win alot more otherwise. Even If I spend gems on bread I doubt I could break even overall.

if you only have four stars, does it tell you how many times you have won the platinum league? if so, what does winning in the platinum league mean? coming in first? or just being in the top 3 to advance?

I think its expected that your going to spend a lot of gems buying bread to win a diamond league.  I’ve noticed the league is getting more competitive and your going to have to spend some real money to get 1st place. 

be careful about when you join the leagues. around 4:00 AM GMT is the worst time to join; most high-level players join then. if you join at another time, you can win most of the leagues (or come in 2nd) not even playing your maximum number of battles using the bread from your farms.

Thanks for the tip

My idea was only for the Diamond League.  Winning tournaments below Diamond doesn’t carry nearly as much prestige. 

My number is soo big it would not fit in the Center of the stars, hahaha

True thing… you get 4 stars when you enter the diamond league for the first time (meaning you were in the top 3 ranks of platinum league), so you could have won a diamond league without ever having actually won a platinum league before.

For the 5th star, however, you need to really win (meaning 1st place) the diamond league. So only there the number really makes sense…

I like this idea of putting numbers in centre of the star , I think I’ve won like 30 diamond league being a Windows user