Number of trophies calculation?

I’m sure it has been asked numerous times (just can’t find the right post) but I’ve been wondering how to influence the number of trophies one can make after raiding your base? If I look the current number one FinalBreath (lvl 95, so many boosts that it hurts my poor eyes … where are my sunglasses?), assuming that I’m getting blessed with the impossible luck of winning, I can make 1000+ medals and 8 little miserable trophies! How is that possible? Any idea how the number of trophies are calculated?

You need to use matchmaker to see higher amount of trophies. If you see a base for 15+ trophies on matchmaker, exit and search for the same player on leaderboard, he/she will offer less trophies. I think 12 trophies is the limit when you don’t use matchmaker, not sure.