Nuovalpeas II - level 57 - ENG/ITA - hero lvl req: 90+

Hello kings and queens!

Our alliance Nuovalpeas II is looking for new players. We are currently at level 57 and on the leaderboard we are ranked on position 119. What players are we looking for?

  • Be active in war but also in team chat
  • Be able to play ALL your battles during a war season
  • You must be over 3,500 trophies
  • Minimum donation of 500k
  • Required hero level is 90 or above
  • Use gems in CoF when you play as champ in a war season.

In return we offer you:

  • Permanent boosts of Blazing Knights, Tough Barricade, Range Bomber, Stunning Ogre, Raging Wolf and Storm Canons
  • Other boosts can be activated after discussion with the generals.
  • You can be promoted to general based on loyalty, donation and activity in war and team chat
  • A very active, funny and social team!!

Just like every other team we have some rules:

  • Donate daily
  • Respect your team mates
  • Finish at least 3 successful attacks in war season
  • Win at least 3,000 skulls in war season
  • We do not tolerate bad words

If you are interested to join us please send me a private message in the forums or send me an in-game message. My IGN is Mas Miikael II.

FORZA Nuovalpeas!!

We are still looking for strong and active players. Are you the one for us? Join us now!!

Join us!!

We are still recruiting! Join us if you want to be part of this competitive, serious and very chatty team.