Nuovalpeas, one of the best alliances would love to have you.

Hello everyone, everyone would be progressing good and I’m here with rectruition post for Nuovalpeas -a Max level alliance.

Minimum Requirements for joining us -

*Level 80+ King

*Minimum 250k donation and donate daily

*Can score at least 3200 skull against top 50 alliances and do 10/10 raids on each war.

*Can communicate with each other in alliance chat (English) and chat in a good way, please don’t show off your ruthlessness there.

No other strict rules, just be active and donate daily.

We offer you-

‪#‎Boosts‬ Blazing Knights, Power Archer, Frost Trap, Strong Barricades, Stunning Ogre, Raging Werewolf and Range Bomber.

‪#‎War_boosts‬ We are having currently 2 free war boosts - Uberblaster and Cursed Cenotaphs and will be prolonged until the end of war season.

‪#‎FBndWhatsApp_group‬ - We offer you the group on WhatsApp and Facebook so that we can help you getting out of any sort of problems you are having and have a better communication.

‪#‎Strong_Defence‬ - We have base specialists like our leader Akmanhar, Juli izg and many more.

‪#‎Teamwork‬ We are a bunch of friendly male and female members from all of the countries who loves to help each other and chatting freaks so you won’t be ever bored. If you wanna join the alliance by the greatest diversity with bunch of fun, You are heartily invited to join us.

And so, if your king/queen stats cross our baseline requirements then drop your ingame name in the game or send me a friend request ingame my IGN- DaRk243.



Note- If you’re a Vietnamese players then apply for Nuovalpeas II which is full of Vietnamese players.