Nyx tower is now a tax

after the last update the nyx tower has become a fee to pay for the units, in fact the units pass and ignore the nyx tower by attacking the unversed units and other towers first and then if they have not been converted (as is often the case) attack the nyx tower. I find this incomprehensible. is it possible that developers in the delirium of seeking defenseless defenses to please a few players come to do these mistakes and do not realize that doing so many players quit the game?

I find exactly the opposite. Trebuchets are much more effective against nyx towers now. 

To the point where I’m taking them out of my defenses because they’re not strong enough. Are you sure you’re playing the updated version?

this is interesting, my trebuchets attack the nyx towers only when it’s late. Maybe it’s a bug. However if I can post a screen

Vasudeva, trebuchets are more clever now i think. Now they can do their job better and attack nyx’s… 

I believe you and I also believe dumpter too, at this point I think it’s a bug

@Hellslord @dumpster here you can see all my trebuchet that ignore the nyx tower and are all converted

@Hellslord @dumpster here the final result, the nyx tower intact and all trebuchets converted 

The fact that the regular you play is a mistake you think?

why do you play with bia in perseus?

the way you play is wrong, play different

Bia does more than just speed up the hero. 

I play Perseus with bia. It’s superb!

Strange my Trebuchet act different of Vasudeva1. My Trebuchet always target the Nyx first and after the troops. I must have a video somewhere on my youtube Channel who show that. If I can finish to upload all my video. Also I can make a video of Trebuchet in action. Trebuchet can hit Nyx really far. I guess at level 115+ its different but at Ascension 95 with your Hero you attack the troops during the time your Trebuchet or Phoenix or Griffin destory the Nyx but in majority of time Nyx is destroy enough fast by Trebuchet in 3 seconds  

@CaptainMorgan  since with other players the trebuchets behave correctly please check this bug on my account


It’s the same at high levels. Nyx towers are very weak now. 

I have the same problem as @vasudeva1 big issues to pass the nyx towers.


@vasudeva1 Please confirm your game version. The AI fixes were only added with version 3.7.1, which is an optional download.

We fixed the way AI behaves with regards to the Nyx Tower, but this only means they will attack the Nyx if it is the most credible threat to them in range.

@CaptainMorgan my version is 3.7.1,

versione gioco.PNG

Looking at the screenshots you posted, it could be that the Apollo Tower is an equal or higher threat than the Nyx, meaning they all attack the Apollo Tower instead. If you were to destroy the Apollo Tower I would expect them to attack the Nyx.

the screen was just for my defences, in real battle is the same, the trebuchets ignore nxy tower , first attack all the others (towers and units) and at the end when there is no one no longer attack the towers of nxy