O.S.I.R Recruiting

Alliance name: Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (In Game Alliance Name O.S.I.R)

Alliance level: 13 for now

Primary language: English Only

Alliance rank: 1374


Description of the alliance

The O.S.I.R alliance was formed in hopes of making the top 100 alliances and soon top 10

through scientific investigation and research of the top 100 alliances in royal revolt 2.


Alliance requirements to join

Minimum of 100k donations or better

Hero lv and trophy count I will take any player as long as they are highly active and committed to reaching

the top 100 and is willing to be loyal to alliance and grow the alliance together as a family.


Rules of the alliance

Minimal of 3 battles in every war per alliance (s) we face off with

Be highly active

Be respectful to other players that are in the alliance

Donate on a regular basis

Have fun and be prepare to learn

Gifts and Elite Boost