Object market between players

Support this post indicating in your comment that you think the idea is good if you want a market of objects between players.

This has been extensively discussed before. The main problem with this is that it would break the balance of the game (players gifting other players far stronger items than they’d normally have) and the element of randomness would disappear. Flare wouldn’t like it either because a portion of their income is from people spending money chests to try to get rare items. With a player market, there would be no need to buy chests if the item was on the market, so flare would lose that income. 

There is a search button on the right of your screen (search is written there). There have been numerous topics of this already suggesting same and enough players including flare staff explained why this isn’t going to be implemented. Quantum explained it in a more descent way.

Also, you may want to rethink your username. It could confuse people into thinking you’re an actual CM, employed by flare.