Obscene, abusive, derogatory and vulgar IGN

That’s not it, to be a snitch … but a lot of players are under the age of 18 and even 12  …
We could begin to protect them.
I know that the Internet is a “gold mine” of knowledge, but …
We need not be the same …
What do you say?

If you find any of these names, just report the player(s) to the support so they can handle them.

if they are not in English, just provide them with an explanation of why it is vulgar in your language. :slight_smile:

Ok because someone have very strange IGN ?

And for the proofs of many account s for one person (i had but no i lose his name)

I hope the team will do a bit of research before changing a name. Players may abuse this and send false claims just to piss someone off.

omg  we now have a little name posse lol

I really don’t like the racist names on here. But most of the other are fine by me. I can also deal with them(racist ones), just don’t want them in my alliance. I think most of the younger players probably have hear the words before. Word are not censored on the forum so don’t see the point to do it in game.


in languages such as Polish or Russian, we use more than 40-60 k words in everyday speech …
Normally, these words is 5 times more … and unfortunately many of them are widely considered vulgar.
It is very difficult to explain that one word can in Polish or Russian, mean a few words at a time(in Eng) and all offensive …
In your language mostly used word i F word…
In my language …there is a dictionary for vulgar words…

Ukikotek, You know your avatar picture is a guy kissing a hand while shooting them a bird? Don’t know if it’s the same in your country but here it’s the same as the “F” word.

True i feel offended looking at ukikotek avatar

What an amazing idea, let’s “protect” those youngsters, i’m 100% sure those under the age 18 players never watch television or learn vulgarity from their friends, youtube, twitter, tumblr or everything else other than RR2. And hopefully with the censorship, all of the obscene, abusive, derogatory and vulgar things in this world will disappear. Let’s just make up something new to piss players off because the game is getting stale …  :rolleyes:

in a multinational and multi religion community the sheer mass of things that an individual can find offensive makes censorship a subjective entity…no one has been killed by an offensive remark…just move on…worry about something that matters

Holy Inquisition reborn!!!

Well … Would you be offended by a player named “fucker you” ?