Am seeing pattern where after every attack and win I make, shortly after I get attacked and beaten and lose more then what I initially gained.

Others in group saying same thing. My defences are near max and buffed, though I also have little trouble beating 20 lvls above myself so assuming my defences are relatively easy to beat too.

Looks like what is happening is I beat a player for 3 trophies, then I spawn on lower level who beats me since defences are nerfed, and net is I lose far more then gained. The more a higher level attacks, the more they net lose.

Are others seeing this? 

Yes, getting close to 200 trophies lost this weekend and over a thousand gems spent in a futile attempt to stop the slide. You take 3 or 4 islands, gain 20 trophies along the way if you are lucky. 10 minutes later you log back in and you’ve lost 40 trophies. On top of which all opponents are fully buffed and +5 to +15 levels means the game is too expensive for me and unless I see some major changes early this week I will be stopping playing.

This whole game’s system is a mess

im hoping they will fix it but sadly I’m in same boat as Dave… If I don’t see any changes being made soon I’m out. No point playing this as it is right now