October 2018 Community Question collections- Submit your question in this thread

Hi, please submit your question in this thread here. A selection will be answered around End of October. Thank you!

My questiion is that:- Can we get the pal icon at top in dungeons above minimap ?

Because we have this option in general raids or war but not in dungeon and we have to go back to Kingdom to change it.

Please add this feature so that we can try the combos with suitable Pal frequently in Dungeon and so for Ninja Event also.

The first 2 questions were in September, then I start from 3.

  1. Are beasts in dungeons at level 10?

  2. After the end of the last festival, I received “one time offers” every 2-3 days (before they were less frequent), upgraded my throne room to level 12 and received version 4.1 almost at same time. Did Flaregames change commercial strategy or does it depend on throne room level?

  3. Up to how many times is it possible to buy “warrior package” (which contains +5 king levels)?

  4. Up to which king level is it possible to receive “warrior package”?

  5. Can I write topics about suspected shared and/or multiple accounts/alliances in “cheat detection” subforum?

Hi, can you please allow us to change our mouse cursor icon/color on the PC? It becomes impossible to see it.

  1. How often do leagues reset? (It was reset so frequently last 2 months prior to the update only because of cheaters, but it doesn’t seem to have a fixed schedule)

  2. Why was the reward for breaking record nerfed (by half) considering how difficult it was to get it?

Do you try the Pro League before you release it? 1300 points for number 1 on the list speaks for itself…

Why do you release updates always on Fridays when there is no support available for the next 2 days? You could safe much compensations by choosing another day.

There is a connection between Item preset slots and the pals. 

Are you planning a connection between the preset slots and our troops and spells? 

Why is the “ninjas event”, about ninjas… instead of pirates?

There’s a whole greater vibe about pirates than ninjas.

Example: Desert Islands, Boats, rum bottles, barrels, seagulls, etc…

The above request along with allowing PC users to play RR2 in a window (minimized - window - full screen).

Why do new releases on Friday when no one will be in office to help players until Monday?

I have seen this so many times in the 4 years of playing. Wouldn’t mondays ot Tuesdays be a better day to make big changes?

I see many players sad after waiting for ninjas but now cannot play?

Why you not put new lvl king??

Max is 130 ?  and need new pal xp

And need new items

Pro items and uber items are bad now cuz already high lvl upgrade  it  so any ubers or pro chest in blacksmith


1: more lvl king 140

2: more lvl items 140

3: remove ubers reward in ninja and put pro chest

4: need new pal xp

5: goodluck 

Upgrade +level spells and  units

forbidden use scrolls,during the war :wink:

Madlen answered to that question.

Bug in this forum: it converts “8)” into an emoji with sunglasses.

Im still wondering about the pairs of shoes of blacksmith in a mysterious path videos. Is it a canceled project? 

How can we manage direction of ice, fire, stone dragons? Is it rondom or is there any rule?

Hi There?

What about a new ‘‘Game Mode’’ --> Endless Tower. Different Levels become more and more powerful. ( Level 1-100 )
Rewards: Chests, Gems, Pro Chests, Uber Chests, Pal Chests, Gold Income for Alliance etc… Like Pro League just gettin harder and harder.

I know u made Conquest and I think it’s great.  I just want u 2 consider about it.

Thank you Flare Games.


Could there be an option of surrender in the wars of the Conquest to not be 24h. caught? The surrendering troops would return to their base.

As there were changes in the game, the schedule changed too. Can you give us the schedule of the weekly event (will start what day and the time each week?), Ninja event (how often per month? will start what day?), Alliance war (how often per month? will start what day?), Conquest event (how often? will start what day?), etc as details as you can so that we can plan on how we play the game in the future. Thank you.

ps. e.g Weekly Event will start every Thursday at 9:00 UTC each week . . .

Especially weekly event.