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  • To answer this question already: I am watching the videos for the challenge atm, I will keep you in the loop when it is finished. We are very sorry for the delay :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you! ?

Will there be new towers, powers, or units introduced in 2018?

When will fix the bug with the defenders?

Do developers play Olympus rising or do they have a team of individuals that play OR everyday?

Are the devs aware that some oddessy bonus’ are already around 50%? What steps will be taken to stop this aspect breaking the game, as in other similar systems, a measure is applied to keep the gains realistic, and give a diminished returns process similar to the forging of defences in RR2, whereby over 20 forges starts to give half % gains. 

Who has a 50% buff? Just curious.

I’m not going to name players here, but there are 50% buff to nyx that exist, we calculated the values based on the damage of a single damocles, applied the damage modifier and subtracted resistance. I had to use 5 maximum (oddessy buffed) damolces to destroy his nyx.  He posts here sometimes by the way… 


okay you’re watching the videos of the challenge, it’s okay that you’ll warn us when you’re done … but it would be too much to ask for an idea of the time it will take? We are in October … can we do it for Christmas? or more likely for Easter? ??‍♂️

By now, I think the devs are already working on a new Hero…

Last year, most of the players were unprepared with the Artemis Tower upgrades.

Is it possible to give us a small hint/spoiler so we would be more prepared this time?

They don’t have to give us the new Hero name. A small hint should be enough, but something more obvious than this:


Question: does the different wisdom costs for odyssey islands mean something? Is there a reason why one might be 9,000 and the other 22,000 on the same adventure?


Is it possible to assign a difficulty to the opponents that you encounter on the map? Not just opponents of 15 or 3 cups and rarely 7? Should not each player based on his level realistically have a fair amount of cups assigned to the player? And then this blessed guardian! Who needs it to be unbeatable? All with Perseus and everyone to jump and throw down the door. This guardian question is really unbearable. A player is strong if committing himself to making the odyssey he has raised the level of troops and constructions and powers; I find it right to get to the door with very few or even no second remaining. I find an unbeatable guardian useless. Maybe it’s right who says you do not have anyone who tries Olimpus Rysing in the field. I love this game and find it formidable and fun. I find the forum interesting and full of characters also bizarre! Flaregames team … come on!!!

Why 80% of the unique items are trash and also have lower base values than the forged items?

Is it not better to remove them from the game completely or just modify them by boosting thier base value perk immensely.(So that anyone who finds them feel happy about owning them)



Why don’t you remove “normal” perks from Cursed items?

It would feel good knowing that after breaking the curse, we get a rare perk.

Thank u

The unique items to curse are obviously a rip-off! Those who start to curse them is because they already have a decent set of unique objects and find them repeated. It's a colossal rip-off, after completing a monstrous mission, finding even a poorer duplicate! For example, I do not curse it any more because I have about ten more than many others repeated. Let me use the repeated to forge with great benefits at least ... I do not want to sell them and that's it!

Flaregames team … come on!!!

I like that idea too

Hi guys, Thanks for all the questions so far. Please let me remind you that this thread is heavily monitored, so everything going off-topic will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding! :snowman:

What are the chances(%) to get damage reflection,demolition and area damage perks on cursed items? Is there any difference between types of items,and on which equipment they can be found(shield,sword…)?

Who are the least and most used heroes of the original 10?

Will you add some new unique items soon?  ?

Are you add any new hero?