October/November Questions

Here’s the space for the next two months of questions!

Will you correct the Pyrpheros invocation? it is used for diamonds and it is too weak, it barely burns one barricade and it takes a long time.


It becomes weaker when you level up… its because you are already stronger and a Pyro that takes out 4-5 barricades is too OP.

I think they recently changed the invocations, which were stuck on 115 level, after we told them, but it was a small boost, specifically for the above reason I think.

If they would increase the power, I think they should also increase the gems needed, closer to 10-12. Its probably the best, after the two GOD ones, and maybe Frenzy? Athena’s invo is also pretty good in corners.


Frenzy + Pyro is a good combo if you’re really in a bind.

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I use such a set:szeroki uśmiech:

Pyrpheros is almost at the same level as my Talos, there is not much difference,Only now that the Gods are weaker than my two heroes, Heracles and Perseus are stronger than Hades and Zeus.Pyrpheros is an invocation, so I expect something more and must be stronger than my spell, which I have at maximum and is too weak to burn the barricade, while Perpheros is too weak for invocations and squares for it with diamonds, works like a spell and not like an invocation

Zeus and Hades are wimps

I agree that an invo should be stronger than powers and those GODS, should be stronger than heroes. Which is why these things have to be associated with level or Halls level.

However its pretty obvious to me, that they can’t balance the game, which is why they aren’t used so much or at the same capacity as for lower levels. I can see some kind of logic in both arguments and both sides, but the feeling I get is that they should have been better. You can probably ask it as a direct question:

  1. why aren’t the brothers more powerful than heroes (forging can’t be an excuse, we are talking about the two most powerful creatures in ancient mythology, or at least after the titans)
  2. why aren’t invos the same strength comparatively for all levels of ascension.

Exactly, often Hades and Zeus fail on the island and I have to correct Hercules or Perseus

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What if devs give more CD + Speed to Zeus and Hades? Would it help them move faster along the path and cast their spells more often? Maybe not using their main spell that often coz it will be too powerful but the rest of the spells badly need that CD.
Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Give them 75% cd, who cares? They should almost automatically be able to beat any base. That’s how they’re advertised at least.


No give them 100% or 90% cd only then can beat any base.

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Pyro invocation has a duration of 15 seconds!!!
Which makes it one of best invocations.if pyro’s power is to be increased then developers need to raise its gems cost and reduce its duration to balance it out.

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Lasts 15 seconds but what if this invocation can’t burn the barricade, and that means the invocation is too weak or the barricades are too strong, other invocations are ok,it is still necessary to correct that some alliances have powerful bonuses for barricades from wars and from the Odyssey.Now this invocation is very expensive, because in the U corner where there are very strong towers and a lot, you need to automatically turn on the second invocation slowing down time, so as not to die at the barricade, Perpheros does not manage one barricade is at the level of my Talos almost

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how much damage from critical attack increases?

upd Thank you) I was wrong topic))

In “Royal Revolt 2” it’s +30% damage, in “Olympus Rising” I don’t know.

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I wonder how it works bia with attack speed. bia gives %35 AS to hero. firstly what if hero has already max AS (%200) , does bia give AS still ? or is %200 AS max speed in OR ?

Is the 35% AS given by bia added to the current AS as 35%? or 35% of the current attack speed? 1- current AS 150% + bia (35%) = 185% or 2-current AS 150% + bia (150% of 35%) = 202.5% (or max AS 200%)


in rr 2 there are such invocations for diamonds that if I use armageddon, all barricades, towers and units disappear, these are invocations and here I don’t know what it is and what to pay for? as in O.R, invocations are at the level of my spells

there is maybe still an open question of this from june/july-section
@Marinien maybe i did not look good enough, but you did not get an answer for this, right?

You mean the Bia and AS stuff? I asked that question just for the fun, to see the answer. I did my tests before asking :smile:

:+1: but they did not answer it, right (i just went through the answers twice and could not find it)