October/November Questions

just in case you missed these questions from june/july answers https://forums.flaregames.com/t/june-july-answers/34332/21 (and bc november question will be closed shortly i assume like also august/september is already closed):

especially questions w.r.t. the mentioned point “rarity factor” (or “quality factor”) and their impact on the change of color of an item (the epic green, blue,…,titan red colors) AKA color step and what also determines if the picture of an item appears in a shiny bronce,silver or gold style (is it more related to the fact if the item has a good level or is it more related to this rarity factor?)

Q: furthermore: you said that only(?) the perk values are multiplied by this additional percentage factor - so base values ONLY depend on the level drop and since the range of this factor is different for the green,blue,… colors this is the reason for the color step boosts, right? BUT: the % factor is not rerolled for every color change, right? if a perk has a good factor, it stays good - only the ranges change. true? (i have asked this some month ago, but maybe it was not seen as it was not in the q&a answers section or maybe i also did not ask clear enough.

edit: Q: is the level factor independant for base and perk rolled out or do they share the same factor?

edit2 Q: does furthermore every color has a 10% span?
green 50-60
blue 60-70
purple 70-80
gold 80-90
titan 90-100

thx and looking forward for answers. (also older ones, even if some of them are cleared for me now, it might be interesting for others)

edit3: the reason i ask is bc i really want to incorporate the “quality factor” towards a theoretical construct of how the visual perk-values envolve. strangely i do not get the same or even a worse overall improvement if i would use the “best quality”. furthermore it might also be of interest of how this all works when it comes to refinements and normalization - which might be crucial to know what we see/observe and what is really forged/improved …

furthermore, why i am interested in it is because it might help to explain, why this is happening/possible:

and because i still have troules understanding this (as the quality of a titan should be in range of 90-100% - maybe (or obviously) unique items behave different (all compared at lvl148):


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for uniques: you can list items looted from mates, it gives you easily a good span values possibles for uniques.
Basically, it can go up to 35% between best quality perks and worst quality perks on a same unique looted by different people (but of course with a perk recalculated to the same ascension level)…
I have seen mirror shield with 180k DR and others with 133DR (recalculated for a level 150)

For the non unique perseus items: are they both from after last Health update?
I don t remember how much was the health boost, but if the first item was not “refreshed” (forged by at least 1 level), it might be boosted by the update while the second item is not because it was dropped/forged after the update?

btw: thx for you questions regarding items values… i have basically the same questions (and probably the same hypothesis than you have regarding forging :wink: )


Thanks for all the questions! As usual we will try to get answers to you as soon as possible.