Oddysey masteries

I’m really fed up, I don’t know why I can’t unlock all my masteries, I’m allready at lvl 138 with about 17k fame, but still can’t unlock all 5 masteries and just 3 of them are unlocked, I’m really loosing my motivation for this game. pls some one help me???

Why can’t you select one of the 2 you’re missing?

What? level 138 with 3 masteries :blink: what the hell its possible? What you don’t have understand with masteries system?

I find it hard to believe someone can reach level 138 and didn’t know about the system. Weird

You have 2 masteries choice if you don’t like them. Spend wisdoms to reroll masteries. Until you choose one in the empty spot. The Next time you have a masteries choice do the same

Each masteries have their own slot. You can improve already one or change it

Just in case you didn’t know. Spend gold will generate random % of the masterie. More you are close and more you will get Titan one

PS : Damn how its possible to have 3 masteries and 3 weak one under 3%. Really hard to believe. At this step you should have 5 of them with over 15% each

I cannot believe its true. No one can reach this level with this. What you show me its a masteries board from a player level 25. Same with this how can someone can choose this : 2.66% petrify chance, +1.65% physical resistance and +3.60% Fire Resistance. All 3 of them are useless anyway same for a level 20

Wow you will need over 10 weeks to replace them one by one if its really from you. Plus the time needed to max your resources. Huge work to do

If you didn’t know how that working? why waiting to reach level 138 before ask? Your fight must be really impossible to do. you like suffer in the game apparently. Not really coherent all of this story. 16k Fames. What you have do all this time? skip them over 2 years? Why not ask your teammate to explain to you?

If you want some advice don’t hesitate to ask

Hey @Cyrusthegreat, you don’t need to unlock slots for your Masteries, just select the Mastery with the same shape as the slot you wish to fill. It will be added to your list.

@Cyrusthegreat this video here might also be useful for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j57wEz_l42Q (or just google: “youtube olympus rising masteries”, it is the first hit)

therein also the possible perks for each slots are published.

[i got this hint from a player here (and also a picture that has been released somewhere here which shows this), when i was asking a question in the developers section ([https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/48044-qa-questions-januaryfebruary/?do=findComment&comment=244601](https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/48044-qa-questions-januaryfebruary/?do=findComment&comment=244601)) related to masteries, bc. e.g. LoH on slot 5 is not possible… so thx again, i am also still learning…]


edit: there is also a video-guide section here in der forum: https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/37232-video-guides/


@Cyrusthegreat are you trying us to say that nothing happens (the screen stays as it is) if you press/click on one of these two items shown (both are missing) and therefore you only either can reroll or skip?? (like dumpster also asked)

Cyrusthegreat, I see that you were spending 10K Wisdom rerolling the masteries… Maybe you were looking for specific masteries?

Here’s the cheat sheet: