Odissey is imossible




Equip those 2 cursed items into the other hero slots and equip better items. Also you only need to break the barricades and gate so don’t try and get 100%. Use the demolition perk to help. Also a pyro invocation can help alot.


Use frenzy and then pyro invocation to break the barricades and then run for the gate.

You will win for sure. I do this with my weak Heroes 


@CaptainMorgan why someone gets so tough map even at five skull odyssey?

Such maps should be at higher skull islands.



Yes, some in my alliance are also getting ridiculously hard odyssey’s at level 5-7.  I mean to the point where they are having to skip them.  And they aren’t weak heroes or using poor gear either.  They really shouldn’t be that hard.

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@Soregon what is your player level and what level does your harbor have?

and if you have so much troubles you can switch the hero for this map (i you want to save gems)

i am a player lvl143 and see sometimes a lvl148 at lvl7 odyssey. its ok, i guess

edit: and turn off autoplay…


my best hero are 27k attack 480k healt. I m 143 lvl. C’ mon, 5 is very impossible odissey. Much expensive for gem’s c’mon!


I’m lvl 134 and see sometimes a lvl 148 at lvl 6 Ody. Very tough.


fighting +14 lvls on a 6 Ody is hard, i agree.

but for lvl 143 figthing a lvl138 oponent should be ok… but i do forge items for all heros, so if you have neglected some you can struggle. try to change your outfit or switch to your main hero.


funny thing: i just hat an ariadne (really not my best hero) lvl7 odyssey: one island was a lvl149 with a similar layout. i made the path without using gems (died 1x at the kill corner). at the gate i got killed 2x by the gk (nearly also a last 4th time in sum - even without directly attacking him) and had to use all invos i could.

and i remember i also had a very though time with ariadne some time ago, on a layout+gk that just killed her 4x whatever invos i used - i had to switch protection items and use gems also on the path to complete.

so yes: odyssey can be hard especially with not your main hero, but on higher oddy levels such opponents are much more common and also with more fame.

dont get me wrong: i have no problems if they make it a little bit easier on lower levels (or block such though opponents), but i dont think it is broken or totally unbalanced.