Odissey too tough

Hi warriors,
I was wondering if you experienced an odissey so much difficult that also a 1 skull difficulty level turns out to be almost impossible to do by not dying 3 times.
What I was talking is that I don’t see any differences between 7/8 skulls and 1 skull, the gap is so subtle that experience is becoming frustrating.

I know that this topic was so discussed in the past, but this fact is going to ruin the videogame experience, I hope that you (Flare) understand what I mean and will figure out what is the problem in the next updates.

See u in the game!

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I dont get people complaining about Odysseys, I’ve been doing 8 skulls every week without any issues

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A couple of explanations:

Skull increases result in the CPU getting blessings (war and divine) based on difficulty level. If you’re having issues, you need to consider upgrading gear sets and ensuring your heroes are leveled up appropriately. I agree that some of the CPU layouts can be brutal in upper skull levels, but that is the point (to some extent). If you cannot bypass a skull level below 5, the deficit is likely gear and your unit upgrades. Consider working on all heroes throughout the week to increase gear drop % and leveling them up.


Your problem is that you find 1-skull adventures difficult (dying 3 times). If you can’t do 1-skull, you can’t do 2-skull, or 7, or 12. To you these difficulties appear to be the same, it’s not the game design’s problem, it’s your problem.

I am not mocking at you. I experience the same phenomenon. If I use, say Jason or Cadmus, I do see a big difference between 8-skull or and 12-skull. But if I use Artemis, it’s the same between 8 or 12-skull: I have to gem (wisely) my way to the gate. My Artemis is too weak compare to my other heroes to see that difference in skull difficulty.

I think that the 1st thing to do is to figure out why your hero dies. Lack of troops? Wrong elemental resistances? Fixe that first the 1-skull should be easy. Then do 2-skull, then 3, etc.


Hi, I changed hero, I did a 2 skull level given to Artemis with Eracle, with all unique items and every items forged continuously. I’m 147, so powers and troops are almost all at the maximum level, the resistances are fine and I don’t have any problems with enemies on the map, but the odyssey is different, and also the hero is slower when he’s marching. With 1 skull I got islands with 150s as well, it’s not reasonable.

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Do you just have problems with Artemis or do you have this issue with most heroes? A level 1 or 2 odyssey should be easier than most enemies on your regular map.

If you’re level 147, it’s fine for you to get level 150 enemies in the odyssey. At low skull levels, though, they will have very few blessings

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When you say “it’s not reasonable” it’s actually a miss conception. The Odyssey islands are inspired/copied from the pool of opponents you are matched with. The skull difficulties are how many blessings and how much enhancements these bases have. So if you are lucky you can have a very naive layout lv145 in a 12-skull, or if you are unlucky you can have one of the best layouts lv150 at 1-skull.

From what you told, I can draw one thing: you have difficulties with some good layouts even if they don’t have any blessings and very little enhancements. If somehow you can copy these (built your base with the same layouts), you’ll find yourself unable to beat your own defense. Train yourself from there. I think that it’s a good starting point.


i do agree what you write here. and maybe neglecting its own base / low troph is reflected into the oddy matchmaking. or if more and more are doing the min/max strategy and lower level player are tought what to do by high player leaders, it may also have an influence on oddy.

nevertheless more than one in our alliance have the feeling as if lower skull odyssey oponents are easier than higher skull. maybe not for every layout. even a player going for the maximum usually did only a 6 skull last time and said he had the feeling as if slightly harder. i also have this feeling from time to time, since i always use the promoted hero it is hard to judge.

interestingly the GK on higher skulls in odyssey are a joke - but who carey about them at odyssey at all. i remember i had one a while ago on a lower skull that made me crazy, but that is history and maybe my own fault.

to summarize: somewhere CM said that it should not be the that way ofc, but i dont know if they are looking into it. i dont hope something with sorting directions (we know several issues here) or other side effects like matchmaking in general where strong players are linked to weak. i hope it is because something like you pay more gold, so you have easier oponents. would be easier to fix. (or due to someones own lack of playstyle)

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I will write for myself that the Odyssey and level of difficulty should be tailored to a given random hero, because it is impossible to improve all heroes at one pace, there is no gold, the islands are too strong player and the weaker ambrosia damage, because they are far away and there is no function in the game that you can choose from the global ranking of your opponent, only from the islands, there could also be such a function that you enter into the alliance of the opponent who is on my island and choose any player, which facilitated the acquisition of gold and the development of a much equal degree of heroes. The Odyssey should be more tailored individually, for example, I make the second account Odyssey freely on 7 skulls, which is 106 level and the first account, which is 139 level I am making 3 skulls, there is a mistake and I already have 6 units made for maximum , spells almost also and even invocations did not help me and I used 5 of them in one battle, something is wrong with this Odyssey I remember drinking coffee and I did Oddyseye for 6 skulls on autoplay, now I go down all the time. This is Odyssey’s problem, it is badly matched to the given player and hero, I had to change random heroes and the strongest brothers with 20 lvl, who have all titans on 5 * I used invocation and so I could not pass the extremely difficult island, were the islands that I went through the first time and were islands, that I approached 5 or 6 times, luck helped me more than once, and if not, I changed for diamonds, and I can play, very well, not to say that I have been playing the console for 20 years and in rr2 I have been playing for over two years and the game is almost the same, it only differs in details, so I’m a seasoned player.not to say that I have been playing the console for 20 years and in rr2 I have been playing for over two years and the game is almost the same, it only differs in details, so I’m a seasoned player.

every hero can be good. imho their internal stats (before different hero boni or other things) are almost the same if they are on the same level speaking from my observations. but i agree to what you have said and i understand why you want to suggest that: the playstyle of the heroes are sometimes totally different and it depends what you have chosen for equipment and masteries or enhancements.
but: i think that it is possible with a minimum of giving attention to their needs that they can all survive odyssey - maybe not the highest skull level, but reasonable lvl. you cant expect to do high lvl from the beginning (unless you are very eager and spend lots of gems).
i tried and still do to improve every hero, some more, some less. i started in the beginning when odyy came out i think with skull 3/4 then some time later up to 6/7 now i do min 8 with every hero (one can do 7) to get the max amount of chests. if a buff is good and i have the gold/wisdom i do higher.
i know some nearly only raid and collect to do max level every odyssey. i know that these do have an advantage but i still think its balanced and i trust that internal caps on enhancements work, so i can catch up. everyone can catch up.

short: i still like odyssey the way it is, as you cant just focus on a few heroes. if you want to do that you can still switch - but getting less fame / mastery quality / maybe chests too. but you can get the higher enhancement buffs. and in addition to get the fame you only need to break the gate even if you just do eg 75% you get 100% fame.


Good morning and thank you for your interest in the topic. I have tried to play all heroes from the beginning of the game and in Odyssey I always fought with random heroes but there were islands that, taking the strongest heroes and losing a lot of diamonds, I couldn’t pass the island, invocations are too weak and too They give little in the attack, now I do Odyssey for 3 skulls and I still have to use invocations sometimes. Invocations make too little difference, and if I have to use them, they have to help me, unfortunately they do not help, the islands have too much emphasis on balance, My heroes fell from one shot hydra towers, although I had resistance to poison, just like the Paris Tower towers, my units have made some slower, every day I have more power and I hope that the day will come, that the Odyssey will become a pleasure again as before, in the royal tournament nija it is working properly and here somehow Odyssey has different parameters

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believe me i know what you are talking about. i went also trough this.
example: i had ariadne low/mid scull. i know i neglect here. but i could not do it several time. either she made it trhrough the path giving her multiple protection to certain towers - just to be killed by the gk several times. or time was up. i was desperate. what i then decided to do was to give her multiple phys damage protection s.t. she had a chance to survive the gk. and did massive work with gems (chronos, pyro, fist of power) to manage through the path without dying too much. finally i made it. did cost me quite some gems. but i learned that neglecting the hero outfits is not good and it is better to have some clothes to change and to try different strategies.

it is not always that hard, but it can happen.


I agree, but I always try to have two different armor for different injuries, if I see that I need resistance to other injuries, I change armor, I play for over two years in R2, I know what’s going on, I’m not green, the problem is getting gold, I want to I can’t fight, because there are too strong players on the islands and there is too little ambrosia, for weak players to reach, there should be such a function that in addition to opponents on the islands, the power to choose from the global ranking, to solve many problems, the game would become more playable, would solve the gold problem, then I could improve all heroes and give titanium items for 5 * or enter a given opponent on the island and choose any player from the alliance, before that I fought so much that I didn’t have anyone on the island and now I only strengthen everyone day and guarding my islands, no steroid will take my island, because I throw it out immediately :szeroki uśmiech:

if I can get a lot of gold, it will improve all heroes to the same extent, then certainly the Odyssey will become easier, there are a lot of heroes in which you need to pack a lot of gold, you need to strengthen yourself in defense, improve spells, units, where do I get it gold? to make life in OR more enjoyable and I still have to improve the items that cost 10 million and I have 9 items from time to time

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ok thx, so the problem is matchmaking in first place. idk what it is atm at your lvl from what i read here it can be cruel and hard. i cannot help with that.
but another story maybe. i remember times when i also hat the feeling i cannot compete in raids. i skipped a lot of players and chiose different ones. one time i also lowered my trophies on purpose as a desperate try. guess what - it did not help me. that was maybe 2 years ago. it got better over time. building up your own defense might also help, but i assume you know that finding a good mixture beween of and def.
good luck, i am sure you will make it. and if something is totally wrong s.t. you only face big players over a long time s.t. you cannot even do raids, keep on reporting.


Make it possible to fight 24/24 and give more workers, I have 10 in the royal, although I don’t need them anymore, because I have everything improved to the maximum and here only 5

Funny thing about odysseys: I did 3 level 12s last week and while the units and towers are tougher and there are some extra blessings, the maps seem to be on average much easier than the ones I see doing level 6 or 7 with weaker heroes in terms of the actual layout and design, and the ascension levels are the same on both. Not the first time I’ve noticed this, either.

Really weird to do max level odysseys and see weak maps laid out seemingly at random. It’s not that I mind as such, I just wonder why it feels like I generally see harder maps at lower levels, it seems like those should be equally easy.


It’s very random, which is an issue. Another thing that has always bugged me is that you can have a lower skull adventure be extremely difficult if a majority of the buffs are concentrated on one structure, which you would have no way of knowing before you start the adventure. So a 12 skull with an even distribution of buffs across everything might be easier than a 9 skull with a majority of the buffs on iapetos damage or something like that, even though there is less total fame.

It throws off the difficulty scaling. I’m not really complaining, but I think the product would be better overall if this was smoothed out. Players would be able to gauge difficulty easier instead of having random elements throw things out of whack.


i also have this feeling sometimes, but i did not test and thought maybe bc of hero difference.

interesting idea/observation.
but how could that be if odyssey is a mirror of players? would that mean that low level players would mainly all select the same buffs if possible? shouldnt it more be the other way round? once you find out what you like you start to push at mid/higher levels?