odysee harbor level

Can someone share glory steps requierement for chests for a level 8 odysee  harbor ? And chest level related to each step (titan/legendary or …)

I need the values for harbor level 8 and higher.
If assume no one will have all the values, but if you have info for one harbor level, please share :slight_smile:

For harbor 7, i can confirm value for sure but i think that the datas are:

45 (eternal) - 90 (godlike) -140 (godlike) - 210 (titan)- 290 ? (titan)


Hey Valkrysseur,

Here’s some info:

ps. (off-topic) Thanks for the daily titan points!  :grinning:

thx for reply tomaxo :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the never-one-day-missing titan point :slight_smile: , i enjoy yours too ?