Odysseus is weak or bad used?

A long time I wanted to ask Odysseus is really weak or just its the most hardest Hero to control it and nobody can control it correctly or use it correctly?

I notice in my base since over month. Everyone who use Odysseus fail. So my question can be weird maybe but odysseus is weak or just bad utilised by everyone?

PS : Oops bad section. Can a modo can deplace it to Heroes section. My bad

He’s like Athena where if you just rely on “average” gear and don’t have his spell leveled up he’s ok but not amazing. But if you refine his gear up a little, or just forge a really great set of non-refined gear, he can be pretty powerful. I like him. 

I guess if the majority of heroes need refine or super forge to be poweful. I think that answer my question. Same where I am. I don’t have start to use this feature. its a feature probably only level 120-130 use. Because at this state you can gain easily over 250k-300k per raid. So 10 Millions or 20 Millions its not a problem or forge all titan 5 stars to sacrifice them after.

So the minority I am tempting to say 90% of us cannot use this to make some Heroes powerful. So we use only the one who are already powerful without much to do : Perseus,Achilles,Helen of Troy,Athena,etc… with just titan items 1 star

Thart explain maybe why Odysseus nobody can win with him

If you made a goal of wanting to make Odysseus one of your war heroes, and devoted time to leveling up his spell and forging new equipment for him, it would only take you a few weeks before he’s one of your best heroes. There’s nothing wrong with him, but like you said, the things he’s good at (leadership, offensive power, ice resist) don’t help keep him alive without an investment in other stuff. 

probably its just nobody invest on him much. More on the others one. for me Odysseus is like Ajax. Ignore it. Just got to gain resources on island

He’s better than Ajax by a mile. If you’re getting bored with some of your other heroes, give him another try. I think he’s fun to play. 

Still its sad on 13-14 Heroes in the game only few a used. When i check my list. I am only attacked by 3-4 : Athena,Hercule,Perseus and Ariadne. Where are the others? Really sad. A long time we have said it to buff the majority of the weak one : Prometheus,Ajax,Odysseus,etc… Some are few to be used and its sad. Same for Gatekeeper. Very annoying to only see. Perseus,Perseus and Perseus. That why I use Achilles. At least the one who attack me will see something different for a change

Still the less used where I am is Odysseus. Nobody use him much. Rarery in my list. When he is. He fail

I think the odyssey lets players use the other heroes to some extent, and level them up PvE, so you might not see them on your lists as often because of that. There is definitely a herd mentality with which heroes are OP and which aren’t, but I agree with you that there are a handful that are much easier to be successful with, and people gravitate towards them. It doesn’t mean that the rest of the heroes are bad, they’re just not as user friendly.

Except for Ajax and Artemis, who are both bad and not user friendly!

I actually have to disagree on this one. 

User friendly, yes, if you mean accuracy by that. Especially Artemis has a knack for aiming her arrow perfectly and still miss. Ajax’ accuracy however is pretty much spot on. And yes, I wouldn’t advice playing them on a small screen like a phone or sth.

But both of these heroes are actually the only ones who I think are fun to play with. Yes, they require extensive Manual play, but if you know their powers and their strengths I do believe they are extremely powerful. The sheer volume of their powers make the raid almost the only fun raids I actually have.

There’s nothing more satisfying than Artemis shooting a poison arrow at a Charon a million miles away, destroying the entire defense based on a Siren overload. Her Hail storm is so powerful and destroys Iapetos and Apollo with 1 blast, and her somersault is terribly effective against Phoenixes. And I don’t even have the Blazing slash…

A perfectly executed whirlwind in a choke corner with Apollo’s and Iapetos is so much fun to watch. Not to mention Ajax’ shield slam, annihilating any tower or barricade in one blow, or his Charge-Devour combo against Phoenixes which makes you almost feel sorry for the bird… Not even talking about the Frenzy that makes him twice as strong.

I don’t have to tell you guys how to play of course, but I do believe that if you’d upgrade their powers, you might feel the same.

I know there are so many players who hate Ajax, never understood why. But he’s my war hero and GK since day 1, and he never disappointed. I only wish to have known him before the nerfing…




Forging and upgrading spells are really the limiting factor for me.  I don’t have the resources or time to really make many heroes fun to play, except for my war heroes.  I think any of the heroes can be effective if you dedicate your resources to them.

I also like Ajax, or at least the concept and the powers how they work, but the issue at the top end is you depend on cursed gear being Frostbite and demolition to get through a base, and as for having the chance to kill a well made GK, you can forget that.  I agree with the Artemis argument - I think she’s very hard to control, a lot more than Ajax, although her powers are more powerful as they are elemental and not pure physical. 

I use almost all heroes on a daily basis against TL bases, the major issue currently IMO is that the non-shield heroes can get badly beaten in a couple of seconds by Gk’s using the Area Damage/ DR bug.  This doesn’t affect heroes with shields as much.  You can of course run from the GK but often 2 seconds can be enough to kill the hero, and there are quite a few such GK’s at towards the top. I don’t see the logic in the physical resistance perk being 66% strength of a normal resistance perk, if anything it should be 33% more powerful as the non shield heroes need this perk badly. 

Below lvl 110, or in 2nd war league you can use any hero to do what needs to be done. 


Okeanos can wipe out a corner of iapetos/Apollo towers too, without any of the downsides of whirlwind (opening yourself up to attack, unskippable animation, losing the ability to do a normal melee attack while your spell is firing, spell is only usable on a single hero. etc…). Really, the only two ajax spells I like are the ones that function like normal spells: frenzy and devour life. No unskippable animations, AOE is uniform (although every other normal spell does a much better job of showing you the AOE). Frenzy is a cool spell with unique properties. Devour is ok. At least he gets a healing spell, unlike Artemis, but neither has a way to heal or shield units, which is very important for certain builds. Not having those abilities forces ONE playstyle. If you enjoy it, great! Cause you don’t have many (any?) other ways to play either hero. 

OK done.

Artemis strong? Its not really what I notice in my defense log. I notice maybe she become strong but only at level 107-110. there is 3 Heroes really weak : Odysseus,Artemis and jason. Surprise Ajax is not on the list. People don’t use it. If they do they fail

Odysseus,Jason,Ajax and Artemis are the 4 Heroes who have the most Defeat Ratio. I never see Hercule,Perseus,Athena,Achilles and Ariadne defeated

So with my log I am tempting to conclude with over 2-3 month of log

5 Heroes are weak if they have not really strong items

  • Jason

  • Odysseus

  • Artemis

  • Ajax

  • Prometheus ( this one no one want to risk to use it) 

6 Heroes who are strong and only Titan 1 Star is enough to make them strong

  • Ariadne

  • Achilles

  • Hercule 

  • Perseus

  • Athena

  • Cadmus (Only if you have crazy cooldown)

If others want to compared the results. You are welcome. Its my result in my log. Maybe depend of the Ascension level too

i dont know if those defense logs are representative… maybe they are just beginning to level up the remaining heros once their prevered ones are lvl20 and even dont care if they loose when doing so. 

it also depends so much which hero you like and prever (and therefore you make equipment in first case for them) or are you an alrounder who can say you are trained on every hero (ajax and artemis do defenitely need a different playstyle and autoplay is so worse on them) and every hero has the best equipment they can get? same with powers.

the whole thing is so item dependent: i as an example dont like ariadne but odysseus i do (but i dont play him a lot, but i dont have any problems when i need to, e.g. on odyssey).