Odyssey Adventure Bug

Connection lost when i try to attack island,

started since i updated to latest live update few mins ago

Olympus Rising_2018-07-18-17-03-04.mp4

Any clue or help would be nice

Regards to all

@Dejonius thanks for posting this. We’ve looked at your account and we think we can see the problem. Unfortunately we will not be able to fix it until tomorrow, sorry.

We intend to perform another update tomorrow to fix this problem for you, it would be great if you could let us know if the update fixes your problem.

Same problem for me

Same here.

same here

I think that’s a general problem. But how do I get my improvements? Now I can’t finish anything and all achievements are lost. What compensation is there for the lost effort?

I can enter the Odyssey but as soon as I click on an island the game reboots. I am 10 fames away from a Titan Sea Chest and I have one adventure with 5 islands to explore … @CaptainMorgan please help! I don’t want to lose my Titan Sea chest ?

There are still like 2 days left in odyssey this week kemosabe 

Yeah same thing happening with me and some of my friends… When you try to enter the Odyssey island disconnection and some of my friends when he try to start the mission.

Same here. And, misery loves company. I’m just relieved that it’s not my PC or Windows game version issue. And, thankfully, this did not happen during war.

Don’t worry, guys. The Blessed Cyclops will squish the bug in a few hours. This is the small cost (the risk of unexpected errors) to pay for content updates for such a complexly coded game. Anyway, we still got time to finish (I was happily grinding for Gold & leveling up my war heroes)…

@CaptainMorgan, it seems I have a hex on my Odysseys… ?

Guys, please give them a break. I know it’s frustrating,  but think how the developers must be feeling right now. They gave this game free of cost, they worked hard to release v4.2.0, and then this unexpected error occurs. Let’s not loot a burning house… we & the developers are a team! Please encourage them in their hour of crisis, and they will come through for you… they always do! ☺️?

I mean, that is their job. They collect a paycheck to make this game. We don’t have to go overboard here. 

I disagree. Not all who get paid do a perfect job. In fact, most don’t. A paycheck never compensates for the heart & soul put into work. And, just being a customer doesn’t mean one takes the service provider for granted. I know this “spoilt brat” attitude all too & have scant patience for it. 

Indeed, let’s not get overboard here on baying for the developers’ blood at the drop of a hat…

I’ll have what you’re smoking, thanks 

Sure, first get a job, service some customers, survive long enough with that entitled attitude, and then come earn my cigar! ?

I hope you don’t kiss your mother with the mouth you kiss that much butt with!

Hi I’ve got the same problem. I cannot complete my Odyssey?Pls help to resolve. Thank you. 

Spent 50 gems to skip current adventure…now back to normal… ?can get back my gems? 

@Dejonius it would be great if you could confirm whether this was fixed by the latest server update.