Odyssey % Bonuses

Is there a cap as to the % a unit, tower or power can be increased by or is there no limit to the increase percentage possible?

No limit. 

So that means when I’m at level 131, another player at level 131 could have everything twice as powerful as me?

yes tjgarland

That’s the beauty of the game ,Isn’t it :wink:


Anyways I am kidding I don’t like it at all FG should start putting caps on Odysseys bonus as in like maximum values.

bonus’ to defensive structures should be divided among how many objects are on the base so a 16% barricade bonus with 8 barricades present should give 2% bonus to each barricade not 16% to all of them. In a year this oddesy will get farcical. I’ve not got half the % the early starters got, but I’ve got over 10% barricades, near 20% lapetos, about 15% minotaur, just as examples.  If you’re starting now might as well give up! :grinning:  

No, that would be impossible. Only some things would be twice as powerful 

I think it was a way of saying, not to be taken literally

On this we agree!

I like that it doesn’t have a cap, it rewards people for playing longer, it’s fairly random, if you want to catch up to someone do harder odysseys, most people are content with 230 points a week or 2 of the 3 Titan chests. The people who do max every week should stand higher up than those who don’t. 

I think capping would defeat the odyssey, if I can only work on Medusa and Artemis towers because I never choose them, then I wouldn’t care to do it at all, the chance of getting 1.3 % to barricade health is enough to keep me doing it. 

??? are u sure?

Was just saying a possible solution as it will get out of control in the future and new players will never get close to being able to overcome a player that’s been here since the beginning. After all there’s no limit…

Here’s a hint guys, games like this don’t last forever. Look at how many games FG has discontinued this year. You’re worrying about nothing. 

I used to max out the odsseys but it got too difficult towards the end. Wasting too much gems trying to clear them. I guess thats their way of capping the levels. If u want it, you gotta spend to clear it!