Odyssey complexity

I have noticed that sine the 5.0 update odyssey complexity has been raised significantly. Even when you select 6-7 :skull: for weaker hero there will be always 2-3 islands almost impossible to beat without spending 50 gems for invocations. Barricades and towers on that islands are usually twice stronger than best players on your regular map. If you hero don’t have Demolition perk and all possible resists they will die or run out of time.
What the point of having such hard odyssey even on low skull level?


It’s possibly to do with island enhancements from war being copied on to bases, as maybe those % on your own base get mirrored and distributed on to the enemy oddessy base. Several people have commented to me the difficulty seems harder; personally I’m not sure 100% although there were a couple where the gate was significantly boosted, and caught me out!

This should not be the case. We will look into it.

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